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Optimize early formulation through to clinical manufacturing, by embracing new techniques and technologies



With new vaccine formulations and technology platforms, vaccine developers need to have the right processes in place to manufacture them during clinical trials and at commercial scale.

Use this opportunity to meet with the manufacture and bioprocessing leads who need services for all of the latest manufacturing challenges, from formulating and manufacturing adjuvants, mRNA platforms, VLPs and viral vectors, to technology transfer and continuous manufacturing.




Bioprocessing & Manufacture, Tuesday 11 April 2017

Dr Derek O'Hagan
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Designing and building the next generation of vaccine adjuvants

  • Key attributes necessary to generate well characterized adjuvant formulations
  • Vaccine/Adjuvant Delivery Issues & Systems
Dr Anass Jawhari
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

New compounds to improve the quality/stability of viral antigens in vaccine formulation

  • An innovative proprietary surfactant and detergent based approach consisting either on facilitating splitting of native viruses, fragmentation of bacteria, monitoring the solubilization and the stabilization of viral antigens without mutagenesis, truncation and fusion
  • Applying this to solubilize and stabilize functional tetramers of Matrix 2 ion channel from MDCK infected cells
  • Reporting a striking stabilization effect on native HIV envelop protein / spikes in favor of functional stem-exposed conformation as shown by neutralizing antibodies and GP41 interactions, mainly at the membrane proximal external region 
Chris Kemp
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Monitoring VLP production using The ViroCyt 3100 Virus Counter


Networking coffee break

Devon DuBose
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Dry powder vaccine stabilization and delivery by spray drying

  • Methods and considerations for Spray dried macromolecules
  • Different Delivery Routes and their application to spray drying
  • Enteric Capsules for oral delivery and rapid pre-clinical development
  • Case Studies
Dr Gautam Sanyal
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Application of analytical and biophysical tools in development of oncolytic viruses

  • Development of an analytical virology platform to evaluate quality attributes and support process development for oncolytic viruses
  • Development and optimization of a robust set of bioanalytical and biophysical assays to characterize viral particles and their infective potency
  • Design and characterization of a recombinant Newcastle Disease Virus for oncolytic therapy and immune potentiation
Dr Joseph Joyce
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Evaluation of Disposable and Single-Use Technologies for Vaccine Production Processes


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Dr Charles Lutsch
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Innovation and challenges for development and industrialization of vaccines: New technologies, process industrialization and analytics

  • Incorporating new technologies
  • Department covering New Biological Entities Process industrialization (Ph III and ownwards) Process and Analytics Life Cycle Management, Manufacturing Support
Dr Renald Gilbert
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Process development for the production of vaccines and viral vectors in suspension culture of HEK293 cells

  • Suspension HEK293 cell line has been scaled up for GMP production of complex vaccines including virus like particles and vectors for high density production under serum-free condition
  • Currently used in clinical trials to develop vaccines
Lakshmi Krishnan
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Semi-synthetic archaeal lipid adjuvants as platforms for induction of cell-mediated immunity to vaccines

  • A novel class of archaeal lipid adjuvants, currently developing a third generation of highly simplified, cost-effective semi-synthetic glycolipid adjuvants
Glen Zimmermann
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Solutions for intradermal administration & clinical experience with the MicronJet600R


Networking coffee break

Dr Renaud Jacquemart
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

High productivity single-use downstream process for cost-efficient virus manufacturing

Kai Touw
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

A platform approach for viral vaccine manufacturing

  • Our platform approach for the manufacturing of viral vaccines
  • How technological developments help to set-up a robust and scalable process using single use technologies
Dr KC Cheng
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Strategies to effectively support research for clinical trials at the NIAID in response to outbreaks

  • Having the ability to interrogate manufacturing data
  • Bringing highly structured data and highly unstructured data together for analysis and aggregation
  • How to analyse production processes that are inherently variable
  • Lessons learned and progress made
Dr GS Reddy
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Use of Disposable Fixed Bed Bioreactor for Propagation of Mammalian Cells

  • Capital efficiency for continuous manufacturing techniques and facilities
  • Does the future include smaller players and CMOs?
  • Benefits to vaccine manufacturing and other biologics as we increasingly combine approaches
Dr James Brady
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Accelerating Vaccine Development & Biomanufacturing Using a Universal, Non-viral Delivery Platform for Engineering of Relevant Cell Types

  • Rapidly express mg to gram quantities of MAbs, recombinant proteins, viral vectors, and VLPs
  • Bench to bedside scalability in cells relevant to bioproduction (CHO, HEK, Vero, MDCK, BHK21, insect cells, etc.)
  • Synergize and streamline migration from transient expression to stable cell line generation

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress day 2


Networking Drinks & Party

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Bioprocessing & Manufacture, Wednesday 12 April 2017

Prof Fikri Avci
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Conjugate vaccine discovery and in vitro assays

  • Presentation focus on structure function relationship
Dr Michael Kowarik
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Bioconjugation technology for the next generation of conjugate vaccines: Recent improvements, CQAs, and analytics method development

  • Technology advantages and opportunities
  • Focus on development and characterization of bioconjugate vaccine candidates
  • Discussion of CQAs based on preclinical and clinical POC data
Dr Dicky Abraham
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Process Development, Scale-up and COG of conjugate vaccines

  • Presentation on Scale-up commercial manufacturing and challenges
  • Impact on COGS
  • Incl. Classical and modern  conjugation reactions

Networking coffee break

Matt Roberge
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Global and localized drug product supply chain

  • Modular drug product production
Dr Willie Vann
Bioprocessing & Manufacture

Glycoconjugate vaccine technology from a regulatory perspective


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Dr Alan R. Hinman

The eradication of Polio: Have we succeeded?

-    Measuring and monitoring the success of eradication
-    End game and strategic plan
-    What’s next? Can we eradicate measles?
Prof Robert Daum

A call for greater consideration for the role of vaccines in national strategies to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria

-    Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee
-    Use of vaccines to prevent the infections that could or have developed AMR to antibiotics, in adjunction to antibiotic stewardship
-    Examples in Haemophilus influenza, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus

Panel discussion

Panel: How much efficacy is enough? What are the implications of a vaccine no longer being a replacement technology but a companion technology?

-    The concept of partially protected vaccines like malaria, TB, NTDs where the clinical efficacy is no longer 85/90% but closer to 40% 
-    Future of vaccine development 
-    The combining drivers of technology and emerging diseases

More panelists to be announced shortly

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress

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