Day Three - 5 April



DC Co-conference Day 3 April 5

Vaccine Supply & Logistics

Chair’s opening remarks

Cancer Vaccines Continued

Case Studies In Vaccine Safety

Preventing Nosocomial Infections & Hard to Develop Vaccine

The Future of Supply Chains

The Rise of AMR: Vaccine Development Against Bacterial Infections

Vaccines for Neglected and Bacterial Diseases

The role of vaccines in preventing AMR

Analysing Immune Profiles for Cancer Treatment

Enabling Technologies from Discovery to Market

Cancer & Immunotherapy

DNA vaccines for cancer immunotherapy

  • Introduction to DNA plasmid and electroporation delivery technology
  • Updates in proof of concept studies from various trials
  • Head and neck cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer
  • Examples of potential combination partners
  • The regulatory landscape for DNA Vaccines
Influenza & Respiratory

Results on developing a new pertussis vaccine – Opportunities for maternal

·         The need for a new pertussis vaccine with longer lasting immunity

·         Challenges in making an effective pertussis vaccines: Cyclical by nature, waning immunity, asymptomatic carriers

Vaccine Supply & Logistics

The importance of supply chain security – counterfeiting, product theft and vaccine-specific concerns

  • The big picture: why is supply chain security so important?
  • Specific security concerns in vaccine supply for developing countries
    • Alternative distribution infrastructure
    • The ease of obtaining counterfeit vaccines
  • Strategies to prevent counterfeiting 
Clinical Trials

Using a core endotoxin vaccine (J5) to fight the increasing spread of multidrug-resistant (MDR) gram-negative bacterial (GNB) infections

  • Directing a vaccine against the conserved LPS core (lipooligosaccharide, LOS) region of GNBs as a highly effective and protective target
  • Two Ph1 trials showing how well-tolerated and non-reactogenic the vaccine was as well as high immunogenic levels when administered with CPG 7909 adjuvant
  • Future applications to generate antibodies for the treatment of a broad range of MDR GNB infections
  • How could the vaccine affect the microbiome?
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Will a new 2018 global leadership commit to NTDs?

·         How will the shift in global governance from 2017 (in the UN, WHO, US president and UK prime minister) affect the global support for NTDs?

·         What does our community of NTD scientists, public health experts, and health care providers want this new global leadership to know about our diseases?

·         What should they prioritize?


Role of vaccines in preventing further AMR - The big push

  • What are the incentives for industry?
  • Proposed diseases where development or improvement of vaccines would have a high impact on antibiotic use
  • Creating global vaccine research networks to pull resources and expertise to address gaps for priority diseases
Immune Profiling

Panel: Engineering CAR-T & TCR cells for cancer therapy

  • How can you additionally modify T-cells beyond the T cell receptor/ the CAR to behave in a more controlled and/or potent fashion?
  • The challenge of keeping the manufacturing process simple, whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the product
  • The use of molecular imaging to track CAR T cells: Where do they go in the body? Do they accumulate in the tumor?
  • Mitigating side effects: controlling neurotoxicity etc.
  • Biomarkers – Identifying patients that will respond to treatment
  • Combination strategies
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Archaeal Lipid Adjuvant Systems for Cancer Vaccine Development

  • Sulfated semi-synthetic archaeal lipids are potent modulators of vaccine immunity
  • A single lipid formulation can effectively deliver cancer antigens and provide protection in cancer models
  • Therapeutic benefit can be extended through combining vaccines and check-point inhibitor blockade
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Bioconjugate Shigella vaccine in clinical development

·         The development plan for a Shigella vaccine demonstrated in PhI and a PhIIB human challenge study

·         A regulatory tool for licensing

Vaccine Safety & Pharmacovigilance

The science of causality assessment

  • The science of causality assessment is poorly understood by healthcare providers and the general public
  • Temporal relationships and hypotheses regarding mechanisms are not sufficient to establish causality
  • Journals should establish standard criteria for publishing case reports of alleged causal relationships
  • Decisions to compensate for alleged vaccine injuries should be based on science
  • Safety profiles may vary in different populations
  • All countries should have formal vaccine safety programs
Vaccine Supply & Logistics

What can vaccines learn from neglected diseases on effectively engaging the private sector?

  • Introduction to NTDs and shared components with immunization – how are the programs components are similar?
  • Development of global partnership: Uniting to Combat NTDs
    • Relationship with pharma is critical
  • Examples of success stories:
    • supply chain and logistics coordination

Advancements made in bacterial vaccines

  • Technologies for identification of antigens
  • Novel vaccine formulations


Cancer & Immunotherapy

Densigen, a versatile immunotherapeutic platform to promote broad and robust T cell immunity against viral infections and cancer

  • Densigens are rationally designed, CD4+/CD8+ T cell epitope-containing peptides modified by a fluorocarbon moiety providing self-adjuvanting properties
  • Densigen-based immunotherapeutics promote robust T cell responses in humans while achieving broad population coverage
  • Densigens simultaneously target multiple antigenic determinants to prevent immune escape
  • Prime-boost immunizations with Densigens can act synergistically to promote better T cell responses
Clinical Trials

Unplanned parainfluenza virus infection on an isolation ward – A case study

In this presentation a case of unplanned Parainfluenza Virus (PIV) is discussed with possible routes of acquisition and its effects on study data. Also the potential limitations of early diagnosis in preventing commonly circulating, community diseases infecting those entering or already housed in containment facilities

How early stage vaccine application aids decrease in the use of antibiotics, either for preventive or curative purposes in poultry

  • Benefits of early control in immunosuppressive poultry diseases
  • Application of vaccines at early stages of development, for example day 18 of age embryos for in ovo, or day old at hatch  

Networking coffee break

Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Development of a Combined Shigella-ETEC Live Vaccine

Dr Eileen Barry, Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Vaccine Supply & Logistics

Panel: Innovation, emerging technology and digitalization in vaccine supply chains

  • Strategies to creating more flexible and responsive supply chains
  • Examples of emerging technology, digitalization
  • IoT and real-time management of data
  • Lessons learned from innovations implemented in other biopharmaceutical supply chains that can be applied to vaccines
  • Accelerating innovation through the technology roadmap
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Translational Studies Informing the Design and Feasibility of a vaccine against Epstein Barr Virus

  • Opportunities for the development of a vaccine against EBV
  • Understanding the medical necessity, market potential and public health use of EBV Vaccine.
  • The science behind the 3 vaccine candidates that currently exist:
    • Pre-clinical safety data
    • Updates on progress of phase 1 trials.

Panel:Alternatives to Antibiotics: Issues and opportunities from funders’ perspective

  • How to incentivise vet pharma companies to produce new veterinary products to reduce AMR resistance
  • Marketing the science and the costs associated with this
  • Statement of societal goals that the funding entity would like to accomplish
  • Political feasibility of incentive mechanisms (e.g., is a program that gives money to large pharma companies likely to be accepted by legislators?)
  • Economics of incentive mechanisms (e.g., which incentive ‘lever’ can be pushed for maximal effect?  What would unintended consequences of such incentives be?)
Immune Profiling

Translation of Yescarta, a first in class anti-CAR T cell product for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Yescarta treatment related immune signature in blood and tumor tissue   
  • Mechanistic aspects underlying toxicities and treatment failure
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Advances in the development of a replication-deficient human cytomegalovirus vaccine for the prevention of congenital infection

  • The Burden of Disease caused by maternal/fetal/infant CMV infection
  • Natural History of maternal/fetal/infant CMV infection
  • Merck’s CMV vaccine candidate
  • Strategies to demonstrate the efficacy and safety profiles of CMV vaccines targeted to prevent congenital CMV infection
Clinical Trials

Cost effective development of multivalent conjugate vaccines

Dr Bill Thomas, CTO, Paragon Bioservices Inc
Vaccine Safety & Pharmacovigilance

H1N1 Pandemic flu vaccine, lessons in safety and communication learned from the 2009-10 vaccine program and lessons for future surveillance

  • What are the unique challenges in maintaining public confidence during a pandemic?
  • What safety monitoring system was used during the 2009-10 pandemic?
  • What lessons can be learned from the handling of this pandemic that can be applied to future outbreaks?
Influenza & Respiratory

Presenting early stage development of a vaccine to prevent the bacterial infections that exacerbate Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

·         COPD is a very common, chronic, progressive, respiratory illness of adults, which can be triggered by bacterial infections

·         A vaccine to prevent these respiratory infections could modify the clinical progression of COPD, and improve quality of life

Immune Profiling

Development of off-the-shelf immunotherapy from pluripotent cells

  • Pluripotent Cell Derived T and NK cells: Cornerstone Approach for Off-the-Shelf Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Use of small molecules and biologics, ex vivo, to optimize the biological properties and therapeutic function of hematopoietic cells

Networking Lunch & Poster Session


Dr Angela Shen

Report on U.S. vaccine development and innovation including the current landscape, existing challenges, and drivers and levers to incentivize development

  • A combined effort from HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, BARDA to promote innovation in the development of vaccines that minimize the burden of infectious disease
  • What is the optimal process to determine which vaccines would be beneficial to public health and how information on such vaccines is disseminated to key stakeholders
  • Identifying whether obstacles exist that inhibit the development of beneficial vaccines
  • Recommendations on how best to promote and incentivize vaccine innovation and development
Dr Jeffrey Stoddard

Zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted: A journey from research to approval

  • Non-live, recombinant vaccine to help prevent herpes zoster (shingles), combining glycoprotein E with an adjuvant system, AS01
  • Sharing positive results from Phase III revaccination study 
Dr Walter A Orenstein

With polio eradication succeeding, should measles eradication come next?

  • Changing the perception from polio: Focusing on measles elimination to build our overall immunization program
  • Using a “diagonal” approach when dealing with highly contagious preventable diseases like measles
  • Surveillance -  a weakness in our system?
  • Cost of controlling outbreaks and the consequences
Dr Paul Offit

Vaccine hesitancy: How to respond to the media to advance better health

  • Challenges to communicating science through the opaque prism of the media
  • How certain cultural biases can influence the perception of science 

3:40 Chair closing remarks and end of congress

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