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Day 1- please make sure to arrive at the venue in advance to collect your badges, long queues will delay your attendance for the  first session.

Day 1 Plenary April 10th

Dr Gregory A. Poland

Zika Virus: An update on the disease and the search for a vaccine

Valerie Marshall

Regulating vaccines at the FDA: Development and licensure of Zika vaccines

Dr Vasee Moorthy

Priorities for linking new vaccine development with public health in low and middle income countries: WHO’s perspective

Dr Gary Nabel

The future of vaccine development, covering universal flu and challenging pathogens


Networking coffee break



Covering a number of hot topics and delivered by patient groups, sponsors and leading solution providers, choose which two roundtable discussions you would like to join, for ‘off the beaten track’ learning and information you can’t find online. Each session will last 40 minutes so you can join two discussions in the allotted time. The same roundtables will be run twice back to back.

Practical and operational issues around the execution of vaccine trials from a site and sponsor perspective
Dr William B. Smith, Professor of Medicine, University of Tennessee Medical Center & President, NOCCR & VRG
Dr Gray Happner, CMO, NewLink Genetics

Insights in International Alliance for Biological Standardization(IABS) and WHO discussions for successful regulatory use of challenge studies 

Bruno Speder, Head Clinical Regulatory Affairs, Head Registration & Post Marketing Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Sciences

Best practices for a successful CRO/Pharma partnership for vaccine clinical studies

Lynlee Burton, Director of Project Delivery, PRA Health Sciences

Managing your cold chain – Lessons learned from the Ebola clinical trials
Daniel J. Littlefield, CFO, Principal, Modality Solutions

Gaining a lead on infectious diseases: Building a global bio-intelligence-network and repository

Dr Leslie Lobel, Senior Medical Advisor – Medical Expert Office, ClinicalRM

Clinical Development & trials: Conducting clinical trials in low resource settings
Karen McCarthy, Senior Director of Project Management, PPD Vaccines

Combatting emerging viruses in a globalising world

Prof Albert Osterhaus, Director Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Discovering pre-clinical genomic biomarkers of safety and efficacy in vaccine research, design and development

Dr I-Ming Wang, Associate Scientific Director, Principal Scientist, Molecular Profiling Site Lead, Merck & Co.

Round 1: Can we better characterize Glycoconjugate vaccines?
Round 2: Do we need a "Conjugate Vaccine Industry Forum"?

Dr Basav Ghosh, Senior Director, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology & Dr Bo Arve, Executive Director, BioPharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer

Successful approaches to the conduct of global clinical vaccine studies
Cindy Dukes, VP, Global Project Management, ICON Clinical Research

From start-up to MTA with big pharma: Establishing patents, preclinical functional biomarkers, and development check points
Dr Michael Vajdy, Co-founder, Principal and CSO. EpitoGenesis, Inc.

Why are the antivaxxers winning and how can they be stopped?

Dr Peter Hotez, President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute & Dean of National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Factors of importance for Biotechs to use in identifying, prioritizing and financing new vaccine targets
Dr Peter Nara, President & Chief Executive Officer, Biological Mimetics

Addressing the need for rapid sample sharing during emerging infectious disease outbreaks – lessons from the Zika outbreak
Dr Mukul Ranjan, Senior Advisor for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office, NIAID  

Adjuvants and technology advancements driving vaccine R&D
Dr Michel De Wilde, Former Senior Vice President R&D of Sanofi Pasteur & Owner, MDW Consultant LLC

Computational vaccinology - immune engineering vaccines
Dr Anne De Groot, CEO/CSO, EpiVax

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Panel discussion
Professor Bali Pulendran

Systems Vaccinology: Enabling rational vaccine design with systems based approaches

  • What is the future for personalized vaccines and medicines?
  • How does the current approaches help us understand the immune system and its response to vaccines and disease
  • The need for immune profiling to be an integrated part of vaccine design and development
Dr Michael Kalos

How will recent breakthroughs in immuno-oncology determine cancer vaccine and combinational treatments?

  • The significance of check point inhibitors, oncolytic viruses neoantigens, CAR-T cells and ACT on cancer immunotherapy progress
  • Supporting evidence from combinational studies
  • The role of cancer vaccines in the future of combinational approaches
Dr Kathrin Jansen

Demonstrating positive PhIII results from two MenB studies

  • Pfizer's Trumenba shows 'robust' MenB protection in two PhIII trials
  • Extending the body of evidence that supports vaccination of adolescents and young adults with Trumenba to help prevent serogroup B meningococcal disease
  • How outbreaks have heightened concerns for this potentially deadly disease

Networking coffee break

Dr Kumaran Vadivelu

Bexsero : Real world experience and future perspectives - A journey from pre-licensure immunogenicity data to post-licensure use of the vaccine

  • The first-of-its-kind vaccination push led to a 50% reduction in meningitis B cases after 10 months
Angela Shen

Vaccines for the Elderly and Immunosenescent

  • How vaccines varying rates of effectiveness is effecting adult immunization rates
  • Vaccination rates for children have steadily risen whilst rates for older adults getting flu, pneumonia, tetanus or shingles shots have stayed stubbornly flat 
  • Leaving millions of older adults at risk of dying, being hospitalized, or, in the case of shingles, suffering debilitating effects that can last years
Dr Emmanuel Hanon

Biotechnology and vaccinology - A productive partnership

  • The impact of platform technologies on vaccinology
  • How does long term investment into a given platform generates new opportunities once the technology has matured

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress day 1


Pre-Awards Networking Drinks Reception


Gala Dinner & ViE Awards Ceremony

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