Day 2, September 28


Chair's opening remarks

Tony Fauci

Vaccinology for the 21st century in addressing emerging infectious diseases

Panel discussion

Deploying and implementing vaccines during an outbreak: EBOLA

  • Global strategy, alignment ad local partnerships between all stakeholders
  • Overcoming challenges in DRC for successful implementation and rapid response
  • Lessons learned with international deployment in outbreak regions
  • Applications to the current coronavirus outbreak
Richard Hatchett, Chief Executive Officer, CEPI

Networking Coffee Break

round tables


Analytical Issues Impacting Quality in Vaccine Development
Nathaniel Hentz

Nathaniel Hentz, Scientific Market Development Director, Artel, LLC

Best practices for site partnerships with CRO/PHARMA for vaccine trials
William Smith

William Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Multispecialty Research LLC

Changing scenario of veterinary vaccine market in the developing world
Dr Gs Reddy

Dr Gs Reddy, Senior Vice President, Brilliant BioPharma Ltd

Choke points in vaccine study start up -- An investigator’s view
Nathan Segall

Nathan Segall, Medical Director, Clinical Research Atlanta

Correlates of protection – are they failing us or are we failing them?
Bruno Speder

Bruno Speder, Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Sciences

De-Risking Vaccine Clinical Trials in Lower Resource Settings
Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods, Professor And Chief Infectious Diseases Division, Duke University

Developing more effective vaccines for emerging/re-emerging pandemic threats
Dr James Cummings

Dr James Cummings, President, ICON Government & Public Health Solutions

How to ensure your trial crosses the finish line - Trial design, operational roll-out, recruitment, retention and data collection
Aernout Van Haarst

Aernout Van Haarst, Director Of Scientific Affairs, Celerion

How to onboard new digital technologies for absolute quantification of AAV vectors as part of scalable purification process for gene therapies
Chelsea Pratt

Chelsea Pratt, Biopharma Market Development Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

How to tackle and prepare for global health challenges – focus on tackling AMR using vaccines
Ivana Haluskova Balter

Ivana Haluskova Balter, Medical and Scientific Consultant, French Society of Immunology

Immune Profiling - capturing the complexity of immune responses to vaccines and infections
Liang Shang

Liang Shang, Senior Scientist, Merck

Key Elements of building a successful partnership between sponsor and CRO
Karen Mccarthy

Karen Mccarthy, Executive Director, Vaccines, PPD

New qualitative analytical technology replacing antiquated plaque and TCID50 assays
Dr Gray Heppner

Dr Gray Heppner, Chief Medical Officer And Managing Partner, Crozet BioPharma LLC

Pediatric vaccine trials – Recruitment and retention
Pros and cons of using animal models for evaluating HIV vaccines
Cynthia Derdeyn

Cynthia Derdeyn, Professor, Emory University


Networking Lunch (Exhibition Hall)


POSTER Presentations & Pancakes

Meet new scientists and young investigators with new data.


One Health

Panel discussion

Firechat: How are our government agencies responding to public health emergencies?

  • What are the unique strengths of each agency?
  • Are we working collaboratively enough to effectively manage public health outbreaks and national security in a meaningful way?
  • Are there ways to improve synergistic vaccine research efforts?
  • The response strategy to current global outbreaks like corona
One Health

AMR: What’s the strategy?

  • Insight on how the human health and veterinary medicine industry is contributing to the fight against AMR
Panel discussion

How can we be better prepared for vaccine launches? The future of the vaccine business from the executives

  • What are the greatest hurdles hat prevent a vaccine from making the final leap to patients?
  • Experiences from emerging infectious diseases and international settings
  • Considerations of an early engagement plan and ethics beyond vaccine development
Sanjay Gurunathan, VP Global Clinical Development, Sanofi Pasteur

Networking Coffee Break


Panel discussion
Vaccine Safety

Chair's opening remarks

Supply & Logistics

Chair’s opening remarks


Chair’s opening remarks

Emerging and Infectious

Chair's opening remarks

Bioprocess & Manufacture

Chair's opening remarks

Vaccine safety in LMICs, outbreaks or emergencies

Outbreaks & Last mile delivery

Immune Profiling Technologies for Better Vaccine Design

Viral Associated Cancers

Respiratory Infections Strategy & Control

Vaccines for Enteric Diseases

Manufacturing 2.0

Tackling AMR

Vaccine Safety

The Safety Platform for Emergency Vaccines (SPEAC) Project

  • The Brighton Collaboration was created in 2000 with the goal of building trust in the safety of vaccines via rigorous science.
  • The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the Brighton Collaboration launched the Safety Platform for Emergency vACcines (SPEAC) Project on May 28, 2020.
  • SPEAC aims to support the emerging CEPI portfolio by creating practical solutions for harmonized safety assessment of CEPI vaccines by working:
    • To enhance vaccine safety assessment across CEPI development programs.
    • To harmonize vaccine safety monitoring during CEPI preclinical and clinical trials.
    • To provide a continuous improvement framework for the SPEAC program.
Cancer & Immunotherapy

The importance of therapeutic cancer vaccination for EBV-positive malignancies

  • EBV-positive cancers are richly infiltrated with diverse immune cells
  • Performing high dimensional phenotyping of EBV tumours
  • Exploring the antigen-specificity of infiltrating T-cells
  • How these results inform the development of therapeutic vaccine strategies

Regulatory guidance and pathway to developing next generation respiratory vaccines

Why the world needs HIV vaccines

Clinical Development

Why is an HIV vaccine needed?

  • Why is it taking so long to develop a vaccine
  • Update on current antiviral and bnAb pipeline
Dr Frank Tomaka, Senior Director, Clinical Lead HIV/STI Vaccines, Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.
Vaccine Safety

Post-marketing safety considerations for a new vaccine developed exclusively for LMIC

  • How to address post-marketing considerations in a region with diverse pharmacovigilance capabilities.
  • The interaction of national stakeholder and manufacturers to overcome challenges to collect safety information in post-marketing?
Supply & Logistics

Challenges in cold chain management to facilitate delivery to remote areas

Vaccine Safety

The Ebola vaccine story; where are we now?

  • Wrapping up the DRC outbreak
  • The licensure process and unique pathway to regulatory approval
  • Policy & ethical considerations
  • Innovations, challenges and lessons learned throughout development
  • Implications for development of future emerging /re-emerging disease vaccines
Supply & Logistics

Panel: How can industry work with vaccine non-profits to improve last mile delivery?

  • What are the main challenges faced?
  • What should industry consider to better suit our needs?
    • Temperature stable vaccines, other considerations for products on the market
  • Case studies of what works / doesn’t work for current products
Kate O'Brien

How to achieve elimination of cervical cancer through HPV vaccines by 2030


Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Congress Day


Off-site Drinks Reception hosted by Enesi Pharma

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