Testimonials from World Vaccine Congress

From Past Delegates

"The event was a great mixture of academic and applied industry session along with updates and insights into clinical trials and policy." -  Director, Vaccine Process Development, Merck


"Excellent attendance from a wide representative if vaccine industry, especially pharma so excellent networking/partnership opportunities, great speakers" -  Group Leader  /  Department Coordinator,  QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute


"The WVC gave a good overview of what is happening in the industry both from a product development side and also from an emerging disease side (i.e. areas for future vaccines)."  Global Reg Affairs CMC, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


"Presentations were informative and it was easy to access experts - networking worked very well."  Staff scientist, HJF


"The networking was fantastic for my agency--Vaccinate One World. I found new grant opportunities, I networked regarding global issues" -  Administrator of Health Services,  Vaccinate One World



From Past Speakers

"Superb speakers, excellent location, excellent networking time built into the schedule" -  Director of Mayo Vaccine Research,  Group Mayo Clinic and Foundation


"It was a pleasure to participate in the meeting. I really believe that it is a wonderful meeting, perfectly organized and the scientific quality is very impressive. I also appreciate the opportunity to participate as speaker and moderator. Honestly, my participation in the roundtable as moderator was a great experience for me." -  R&D Director, Laboratorios LETI, S.L. 


"The conference was well organized and covered a wide range of areas. Also the format was very good and best of it was the roundtable format which I found it to be an excellent opportunity for newcomers to introduce their work and feel more comfortable."  Senior Vice President of Vaccine Research and Development, NanoBio Corporation


“Interesting talks, opportunities to network with participants.” -  Vice President Research and Development , FluGen Inc


"Great organization, great talks, relevant delegate profiles" -  Director,  G.S.K.


"Well organized, timely, topical and a high caliber of presentations covering scientific, regulatory and commercial considerations" -  COO,  Inovio


"It was a great meeting with the right size. High level of executives attending, with quality presentations." -   Vice President, Global Biologics Research,  Zoetis


"Great update/overview of everything from vaccination policies, new vaccine candidates, clinical results, development, and manufacturing technologies" -   Senior Director,  Sanofi Pasteur


"An excellent conference both in terms of education and networking" -   Senior Medical Director,  Retroscreen Virology


Testimonials from World Vaccine Congress







Testimonials from World Vaccine Congress

From Past Sponsors

"This conference was extremely well organized and Terrapinn is wonderful to work with."  Trade Show and Event Specialist, PRA Health Sciences


"Very well planned and executed event. A credit to the team that pulled it all together." -  Business Development and Marketing,  Vibalogics GmbH


From Past Exhibitors

"Super networking event. Very professionally organised. High calibre delegates."    Sales Director, Teleflex Medical


"Very well organised event with a good mix of senior attendees."  Business Development and Marketing Manager, Vibalogics GmbH


"Well put together, nice mix of sponsors and vendors, relevant content." -  Business Development Director, W.C.C.T. Global Llc


"Very well organized conference with key thought leaders in the Vaccine Industry" -  Associate Director of Business Development,  Aeras

Testimonials from World Vaccine Congress


Testimonials from World Vaccine Congress

From Past Guests

"Great conference, well organized, great opportunity to network with individuals in the vaccine world."  VP Software & Electronics, LumaCyte


“Most productive vaccine-focused meeting of the year.” -  Director,  Research & Development,  Benchmark Research


"Well organized meeting. Right size, right duration, interesting topics, ample time for networking, good social events." -  Sr. Commercialization Officer,  PATH