• Immuno Oncology Profiling Congress 2018

    Integrating technologies revolutionising immunotherapy and its impact on precision medicine

    29-31 October 2019, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona


  • Immuno Oncology Profiling Congress 2018

    Learn, Discover and Network with Immuno Oncology Profiling Experts

    29-31 October 2019, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona


New immune profiling technology is
changing the whole industry


With the development of newer and more advanced immune profiling technologies, we are getting to better understand the complexities of the human immune system. 

This includes infection, vaccination as well as how diseases or pathogens alter immune cell repertoires and their functional activities.

The Immuno-Oncology Profiling Congress brings together experts to discuss how profiling of the immune system using high throughput technologies can aid therapeutic design and treatment strategies in cancer.



  • Provide a marketplace where the world's leading companies from sequencing, research, biotech, assay & biomarker, bioanalytical & Data, technology and device manufacturers can showcase their services and cancer products to decision makers.
  • Provide delegates one stop progressive scientific and strategic solutions to the immuno-oncology industry, through executive level commentary, case studies and real time analysis from key stakeholders to bring about faster, more cost-effective and more efficacious cancer treatments.
  • Create a valuable marketplace for pharma and biotech involved in immuno-oncology to source and compare products and services that will help them.
  • Explore the latest methods of characterisation, identifying biomarkers and surrogate markers, immunosequencing, high throughput analysis and interpretation of omics data and immune-oncology.
  • Bring senior executive heads of Immunology, Translational and Immuno-Oncology, Predictive Medicine, Research, Sequencing / Next gen sequencing, Cancer Immunotherapy, Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery & Diagnostics Translational Science and Adjuvants to network F2F.
  • Showcase C-Level executives from all the key developers and thought leaders from pharma, biotech’s, academics and government, in a combined scientific and commercial environment where service providers can do business.







Scientific Advisory Board


Professor Albert Osterhaus Professor Albert Osterhaus
Director, Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses (RIZ) 
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Dr Jeffrey Almond Dr Jeffrey Almond
Former Vice President Discovery Research and Development, Sanofi and Visiting Professor  
University of Oxford - Oxford Vaccine Group

Dr Jan Poolman Dr Jan Poolman
Head Bacterial Vaccine Discovery and Early Development  

Dr Gregory A. Poland Dr Gregory A. Poland 
Director of Mayo Vaccine Research Group  
Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Antu Dey Dr Antu Dey
Senior Director, Research & Development  
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Konrad Stradler Dr Konrad Stradler
Head of R&D Vaccines  
Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr Roy Baynes Dr Roy Baynes
Senior Vice President Global Clinical Development and Chief Medical Officer  

Dr Nathalie Garçon Dr Nathalie Garçon 

Dr Cyril Gay   Dr Cyril Gay
Senior National Program Leader, Office of National Programs  

Dr Rino Rappuoli  Dr Rino Rappuoli
Chief Scientist  
GSK Vaccines

Dr Mahesh Kumar Dr Mahesh Kumar
Vice President, Global Biologics Research  

Dr Bernard Vallat Dr Bernard Vallat
Honorary Director General  
Office International Des Epizooties

Dr Ralf Clemens Dr Ralf Clemens

Dr Jerald Sadoff Dr Jerald Sadoff 
Senior Advisor  
Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Lorne A. Babiuk Dr Lorne A. Babiuk
Former Vice-President
University of Alberta

Prof Roman Prymula Prof Roman Prymula
Professor Preventive Medicine
Charles University in Prague

Prof Hanna Nohynek Prof Hanna Nohynek 
Deputy Director
Finish Public Health

Prof Fred Zepp Prof Fred Zepp
Medical Director and Chairman of the Department of Paediatrics
University Medicine Mainz

Dr Annaliesa Anderson Dr Annaliesa Anderson
VP Bacterial Vaccines

Dr Joris Vandeputte Dr Joris Vandeputte
IABS (International Alliance for Biological Standardization)

Prof Hanneke Schuitemaker Prof Hanneke Schuitemaker
Global Head of Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine in the Infectious Disease and Vaccines Therapeutic Area 
Janssen Vaccines

Dr Miles Carroll Dr Miles Carroll
Deputy Director 
Public Health England




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