Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases Track



The Zika and Ebola outbreaks brought emerging and re-emerging diseases screaming into the limelight.

This brought with it a renewed vigor for vaccines from the public and a catalyst for the scientific community to progress vaccines for diseases such as as Zika, Ebola, Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

Use this conference to meet with and demonstrate your knowledge to the organizations who are pushing forward in this area.



Who Sponsors?



This is a prime opportunity for specialists in emerging diseases from:

• Platform Technology Providers
• Logistics / Cold Chain
• Big Pharma
• Biotechs

Who Attends



• Pharma
• Biotechs
• National and International Government
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Academics And Research Institutions

Job Titles



• CMO / Head of Scientific Affairs
• Head of Infectious / Emerging / Neglected Disease
• Head of R&D
• Head of Virology
• Head of Immunology





Hard to Develop Vaccines, Tuesday 30 October 2018

Opening Plenary Session

Dr Todd Black

Keynote: The role of vaccines, public awareness and industry in preventing further AMR

  • How critical is the risk?
  • Vaccines can’t do it alone – How can we reduce the development of drug resistance?
  • Increasing investment in R&D that meets global public health needs
  • The need for a holistic and collaborative strategy including cross species considerations
Lord Jim O'Neill, Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester & author of AMR review UK, The University of Manchester

Short morning break followed by session tracks


Morning Networking Break


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Chair closing remarks of day one followed by Drinks Reception

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Hard to Develop Vaccines, Wednesday 31 October 2018


Morning Networking Break


Afternoon Networking Lunch


Fred Zepp

Status of vaccine confidence around the world

  • Social and political factors that can affect uptake of vaccines
  • How can we better educate the public the benefits of immunisation?
  • How can public health institutions, government and vaccine developers help with building a coherent story
  • AEFI surveillance and risk communication
  • Are we overlooking the power of social media?
Professor Hanna Nohynek, Deputy Director, National Institute for Health and Welfare
Dr Helen Bright

Flumist vaccine effectiveness – It’s return and the real story

  • Questions over the effectiveness of the live attenuated vaccine
  • Why it lost its recommendation
  • The journey, investigation and trial data to rectify this
Dr Helen Bright, Head, Team of Cell and Molecular Biologics, MedImmune
Dr Rino Rappuoli

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress

last published: 20/Sep/18 13:25

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