Bioprocessing & Manufacturing Track



With new vaccine formulations and technology platforms, vaccine developers need to have the right processes in place to manufacture them during clinical trials and at commercial scale.

Use this opportunity to meet with the manufacture and bioprocessing leads who need services for all of the latest manufacturing challenges, from formulating and manufacturing adjuvants, mRNA platforms, VLPs and viral vectors, to technology transfer and continuous manufacturing.



Who Sponsors?



• CMOs
• Fill / Finish
• Finished Dosage
• Platform Technology Providers
• Big Pharma
• Biotechs

Who Attends



• Pharma
• Biotechs
• National and International Government
• Academics And Research Institutions

Job Titles



• Head of Bioprocessing
• Head of Manufacturing
• Head of Formulation
• Head of Biopharmaceutical Development
• Head of Upstream / Downstream Process
• Head of R&D
• Head of Procurement
• Head of CMC





Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture, Tuesday 30 October 2018

Opening Plenary Session

Dr Todd Black

Keynote: The role of vaccines, public awareness and industry in preventing further AMR

  • How critical is the risk?
  • Vaccines can’t do it alone – How can we reduce the development of drug resistance?
  • Increasing investment in R&D that meets global public health needs
  • The need for a holistic and collaborative strategy including cross species considerations
Lord Jim O'Neill, Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester & author of AMR review UK, The University of Manchester

Short morning break followed by session tracks

Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Integrated Bioprocessing & Delivery

Dr Elly Van Riet
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Outer membrane vesicles; A versatile platform for vaccine development

Dr Elly Van Riet, Head of Exploratory and Clinical Research, Intravacc
Alfred Luitjens
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Low-cost, high productivity manufacturing for vector vaccines

Dr Joerg (Jörg) Schwinde
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

High-density vero cell perfusion culture in packed-bed bioreactors


Morning Networking Break

Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Formulation and chromatography methods: Virus-like particle processes

Dr Mikkel Nissum
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

DiViNe project - Affinity chromatography for vaccines purification

Dr Anissa Boumlic-Courtade
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Developing a vaccine manufacturing template for adenovirus vector via a public-private partnership

Andreas Neubert
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Development of a new manufacturing platform technology for human vaccines

Creating scale-down models that can be accurately applied to the commercial scale

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Amelie Boulais Raveneau
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

A proven single-use platform to accelerate the development and production of viral vaccines

Dr Tarit Mukhopadhyay
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Platform manufacturing processes - Designing vaccines for the Global Health need?

Prof Dennis Christensen
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Targeted delivery in rational vaccine design

How physico-chemical properties of liposomes, emulsions, antigens and different routes of delivery can influence the immunological outcome
Dr Yotam Levin
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Combining intradermal delivery and adjuvants; A new frontier in vaccine enhancement

Elderly persons with comorbidities are at the highest risk of hospitalization for influenza infection and its complications; however, vaccine immunogenicity among these at-risk individuals is suboptimal due to immunosenescence.Various strategies including intradermal vaccination and new vaccine adjuvants have been shown to improve immunogenicity.In this presentation we will give an overview of discrete strategies to improve immune responses (i.e. ID delivery and adjuvants), our own clinical experience, and novel combinations of intradermal delivery and adjuvants that have started to show promise in the clinic.
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Finding the missing link in complete single use fermentation line

Chair closing remarks of day one followed by Drinks Reception

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Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture, Wednesday 31 October 2018

Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Chair’s opening remarks

Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Integrated Biomanufacturing & Supply

Dr Katherine Shives
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Influenza A and B – Rapid and Precise Antibody-Based Quantification using Sartorius’ Virus Counter 3100

Nathalie Charland
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

The plant-based Proficia™ technology: a game changer for influenza vaccine production

Senior representative, Medicago
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Continuous production of influenza viruses in cell culture and use of continuous downstream processing for purification of virus particles/viral antigens

Reserved for IFPMA

Morning Networking Break

Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

The challenges faced during process development and scale-up in Biopharmaceutical and vaccine Industries

Reserved for Serum Institute of India
Antonio Roldao
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

Bioprocess engineering of insect cells for enhanced production of VLPs for vaccine development

Dr Dicky Abraham
Bioprocess, Delivery & Manufacture

From development to commercialization of vaccines – A case study


Afternoon Networking Lunch


Fred Zepp

Status of vaccine confidence around the world

  • Social and political factors that can affect uptake of vaccines
  • How can we better educate the public the benefits of immunisation?
  • How can public health institutions, government and vaccine developers help with building a coherent story
  • AEFI surveillance and risk communication
  • Are we overlooking the power of social media?
Professor Hanna Nohynek, Deputy Director, National Institute for Health and Welfare
Dr Helen Bright

Flumist vaccine effectiveness – It’s return and the real story

  • Questions over the effectiveness of the live attenuated vaccine
  • Why it lost its recommendation
  • The journey, investigation and trial data to rectify this
Dr Helen Bright, Head, Team of Cell and Molecular Biologics, MedImmune
Dr Rino Rappuoli

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress

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