Conference Day One, 20 September 2012

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Chairperson’s opening remarks
How Asian demand for recycled metals is influencing global trade flows, and what is the impact of price & currency volatility
Mr Henk Van De Belt at World Scrap Metal Congress
Mr Anish Mehta at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Anish Mehta

Mr. Anish Mehta currently serves as the CEO of Aadi Imports Pvt. Ltd., a global trading house and part of the diversified Aadi Group with business interests in global trading and oil refining. After finishing Bachelor studies in Business...

Mr Dhawal Shah at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Dhawal Shah

QUALIFICATIONS: Graduated in Commerce from Lala Lajpatrai College of Commerce & Economics, in 1994~1995. Climbing the growth ladder from bottom to top, Mr. Dhawal Shah is credited for successfully transforming Metco from a simple, sales agency in...

Mr Zhu Junhong at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Zhu Junhong

Mr. Zhu Junhong graduated from the East China Institute of Metallurgy (now the Anhui Industrial University) with an accounting degree. Since 2000, Mr. Zhu has served as the chairman of the Shanghai Steel Union E-Commerce Co., Ltd. He has also held ...

Mr Liu Bo at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Liu Bo

大连理工大学高分子材料专业本科毕业,哈尔滨工业大学管理工程硕士,高级经济师。1986年起任SINOCHEM中国化工进出口总公司哈尔滨分公司国际业务部经理,主要从事散装石油产品的进出口工作,1998年至2000年哈尔滨南非共和国约翰内斯堡办事处工作, 2004年至2007就职于黑龙江海外集团任企业管理部/生产运行部副部长,兼任黑龙江海外进出口有限责任公司副总经理,主要从事对俄进出口贸易工作,2007年至2010任 ...

Mr Chun Xing Liu at World Scrap Metal Congress


Examining the 12th Five-Year Plan’s impact on the Chinese scrap metal industry
Mr Shu Bin Li at World Scrap Metal Congress

  • › Mr Shu Bin Li, Secretary-General, China Association of Metal Scrap Utilisation
The growing Chinese steel industry and its impact on the scrap market
Mr Kexuan Yao at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Kexuan Yao

Since June 2008, Mr. Yao has served as China Armco Metals’ chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer. In addition, Mr. Yao has served as the chairman and general manager of China Armco’s subsidiary, Armco Metals...

Morning Refreshments


Sustainable scrap supply chain and backward integration
Mr Henk Van De Belt at World Scrap Metal Congress

  • › Mr Henk Van De Belt, Lead Buyer, Tata Steel
Procurement challenges in the competition for raw materials
Mr Shu Guang Tang at World Scrap Metal Congress

  • › Mr Shu Guang Tang, General Secretary of the Second Steel Rolling Mill, Ma Steel
Impact of Middle East’s non-ferrous metal recycling on the global scrap market
Engr. Salam Al Sharif at World Scrap Metal Congress

Engr. Salam Al Sharif

Engr. SALAM AL SHARIF is President and CEO of Sharif Group of Companies, where he has acquired 27 years field experience in business administration. Graduated with Double Major in Civil and Metallurgy Engineering from Texas A&M University. ...

How the Eurozone crisis affects exports and prices of non-ferrous scrap
Mr Murat Bayram at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Murat Bayram

As the General Manager, Mr. Murat Bayram coordinates the business for Reukema Recycling and is responsible for all export sales. Reukema Recycling is one of the biggest exporters in Europe and independent from any kind of company groups. ...

The effects of Latin America’s non-ferrous metal production on world scrap supply
Mr Victor Benitez Vazquez at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Victor Benitez Vazquez

Mr. Victor Benitez Vazquez began buying all kind of recyclable materials (including non-ferrous scrap in small quantities) except plastics. In 1989, he founded DIMEXA and started his business focusing on just nonferrous metals. In...



Developments in China’s scrap metal industry and implications for global markets
Mr Qiping Yan at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Qiping Yan

Mr. Yan Qiping graduated from University of Science & Technology Beijing in 1970, major was steel making. 1970-2002 served as a manager and head of scrap metal department in Wuhan Iron and Steel Group) Corp. In 2002-2010 served as general secretary...

Afternoon refreshments
Challenges and opportunities when trading stainless steel scrap overseas
Mr Anil Shah at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Anil Shah

Mr. Anil Shah is a chemical engineer by profession & a metal trader at heart is President of Ni-Met Metals & Minerals Inc., a company incorporated in 1990 in Toronto, Ontario Canada with the objective of trading in metals and allied industrial raw...

Improving steel scrap distribution process and building new style national level steel scrap distribution centre
Mr Yan Zhao Song at World Scrap Metal Congress

  • › Mr Yan Zhao Song, General Manager, ShanDong YuXi Group
Vehicle dismantling and implications for global scrap resources
Mr Bill Wu at World Scrap Metal Congress

Mr Bill Wu

Mr. Bill Wu, established and founded HOTA (USA) Holding Corp. in 2006, serves as Chairman and CEO in HOTA. HOTA is dedicated in global used and scrap vehicles purchasing and has established a vertical services chain including scrap vehicles...

Chairman’s closing remarks
Opening Networking Cocktail
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Mahab Institute at World Scrap Metal Congress