Karina Bienfait | Principal Scientist and Head, Global Genomics Policy, Process and Compliance

Karina Bienfait, Principal Scientist and Head, Global Genomics Policy, Process and Compliance, MSD

Karina Bienfait, PhD is a Principal Scientist in Genetics and Pharmacogenomics within Translational Medicine at Merck Research Laboratories, and the head of Global Genomic Policy, Process and Compliance (GPPC). As head of GPPC, Dr Bienfait helped to implement routine genotyping of patients participating in Merck’s clinical trials to identify genetic predictors of drug response. She is responsible for evaluating the impact of global genomic policies and regulations on Merck’s research programs; developing Merck policies, processes and consent related to genomics and biobanking; and ensuring the compliant use of biospecimens. In this capacity, Dr. Bienfait works closely with Merck’s global subsidiaries to develop strategies to address countries recalcitrant to genomic research and with global health authorities and ethical boards to negotiate approvals for genomic research in the context of Merck’s clinical trials.


Precision 2018 Day 3 @ 14:20

Precision medicine in drug development: Leveraging genetic data to inform pipeline decisions

  • Discuss implementation of routine genomic research during drug development
  • Leveraging genomic data to achieve precision medicine
  • Discuss challenges in conducting genomic research in the context of global clinical trials

Precision 2018 Day 3 @ 14:40

Panel: Predictions for precision medicine

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