Wills Hughes-Wilson | Senior Vice President, Chief Patient Access Officer

Wills Hughes-Wilson, Senior Vice President, Chief Patient Access Officer, Sobi

Wills Hughes-Wilson is Chief Patient Access Officer at Sobi and a member of the company’s global Executive Management team.  She joined the company in 2012.
Hughes-Wilson leads the cross-functional, international team responsible for Sobi’s patient-access-centred approach across the company and its portfolio.  This includes not only the end-result of successful in-country pricing & reimbursement, but spans Sobi’s products, portfolios and programmes at all stages, starting with R&D.
Hughes-Wilson has been active in the field of rare diseases and orphan therapies since the early 2000s – when the main challenges centred around establishing appropriate regulatory frameworks – through to the current debates around effective assessments and value appraisal of orphan drugs;  and the increasing focus on pricing.
This has spanned the COMP Working Group with Interested Parties, the European Commission’s EU Committee of Experts on Rare Diseases (EUCERD) and, currently, the working group of European pricing & reimbursement authorities looking at access to orphan drugs (“MOCA”).
Hughes-Wilson is an honours graduate in Law.


Day 1 Orphan 14th Nov @ 08:50

Chair’s opening remarks

Day 1 Orphan 14th Nov @ 17:25

Discussion: Examining the challenges of valuation from payers and HTAs

  • Pricing and evaluating orphan drugs - present and future
  • What are the interests of payers and HTA bodies when considering how to improve access to rare disease therapies?
  • How will the increase of cancer, biosimilars and gene therapies change the pricing and access?

Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 08:30

Chair’s opening remarks

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