M Ken Kengatharan | Managing Director, Atheneos Capital and Chairman
Armetheon Inc

M Ken Kengatharan, Managing Director, Atheneos Capital and Chairman, Armetheon Inc

Dr Kengatharan is a co-founder of several San Francisco bay area based biopharmaceutical companies. He is currently Chairman of Renexxion. Previously he was President & CEO of Armetheon and prior to that President & CSO of Altheos. He is the former Vice President,  Pre-Clinical R&D of Athenagen (re-named  CoMentis). He is also Managing Director at Atheneos Capital, a San Francisco bay area based biotech incubator fund.
During the last 17 years, Dr. Kengatharan has been critical to the development of multiple drug candidates (NCEs and re-purposed drugs) from concept to Phase 2/3. Since setting-up his first company in the late 1990s, with a great team and highly supportive investors in each case, he has been critical to setting-up 7 companies (6 biotechs) and raising >$160MM in private equity. He trained as a cardiovascular pharmacologist in London and at Stanford after obtaining his PhD in pharmacology from the University of London. He obtained his MBA (with Distinction) from Durham University in England, where he focused on Biotech Finance and Entrepreneurship. Dr Kengatharan’s current focus is drug development and financing in orphan drugs and rare diseases area.


Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 13:40

Potential impact and contribution of an Orphan Diagnostics Act to drug development for rare diseases in the future

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