Michale Bouskila-Chubb | Head of Business Development
Healx Limited

Michale Bouskila-Chubb, Head of Business Development, Healx Limited

Michale is Head of Business Development at Healx. Prior to joining Healx, Michale held various positions in management consultancy, technology transfer and pharmaceutical business development. Michale has a strong background in all aspects of IP exploitation from University technologies as well as commercial strategy. After a research career in the field of physiology and human metabolism in both academia and industry, Michale completed an MBA specialising in Life Sciences. Michale is passionate about the translation of science to commercially viable drugs and how the needs from rare disease patients and the industry can converge to accelerate drug discovery.


Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 16:05

Using Artificial Intelligence to accelerate repurposed drugs access to patients

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