Marco Petschulies | Scientific Advisor

Marco Petschulies, Scientific Advisor, G-BA

Dr. Marco Petschulies studied pharmacy at the universities of Tuebingen and Hamburg. During his dissertation between 2009 and 2013 he worked as a research fellow at the Institute of Pharmacy of the University of Hamburg, Germany. Since 2013 he works at the Pharmaceuticals Department of the Federal Joint Committee in Berlin, where he gives advice to pharmaceutical companies and is involved in the early benefit assessment of new drugs. He also participates in several European collaboration projects.


Day 1 Orphan 14th Nov @ 09:00

Plenary discussion: ORPH-VAL Using best practice European principles in assessing the value of orphan medicines: Correcting the discrepancy between countries

  • How do these principles compare to the criteria that current countries use?
  • Opportunity for different European payers/HTAs to openly suggest what is realistic and why
  • Creating a harmonised and sustainable model adapted to rare diseases
  • How is it acceptable that each country has a different post marketing criteria?
  • What are the interests of payers and HTA bodies when considering how to improve access to rare disease therapies?

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