Dr Josep Torrent-Farnell | Medicines Department
Catalan Health Service

Dr Josep Torrent-Farnell, Medicines Department, Catalan Health Service

Dr. Josep Torrent-Farnell. PhD in Medicine and Surgery and Bachelor of Pharmacy, specialist in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology. Head of the medicine division of the CatSalut, of the Generalitat de Catalunya (May 2016). Full Professor of the Department of Clinical and Therapeutic Pharmacology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Head of Section of the Pharmacology Service of the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital. First elected President (2000-2007) and member of the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products and the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Agency (2009-2012), member of the Rare Diseases Task Force. EURORDIS expert on research and training programs. He also was a Public Health Executive Agency for the European Union (2006-2010). Expert in the National Strategy for Rare Diseases (2007-2012), member of the Advisory Committee on Minority Diseases (CAMM) and chair of the High Complexity Pharmacological Treatment Advisory Council, Catalan Health Service (2010-2016). Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the CIBER Rare Diseases, President of the Therapies Scientific Committee of the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC). He is an expert from the Conseil Scientifique de l'Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médecament et des Produits de Santé de France (since 2011). Member of the Ethics Committee of Farmaindustria. Coordinator for the creation and first executive director of the Spanish Medicines Agency (1998-2000) and Head of the innovative drugs sector of the European Agency (1994-1998). Order of the Civil Order of the Ministry of Health (2009). Special distinction of the Association of Patients of Rare Diseases of the United States (NORD, 2005). Special Distinction to Leadership in Rare Diseases in Europe by the European Federation of Rare Disease Patients (EURORDIS, 2015).


Day 1 Orphan 14th Nov @ 17:25

Discussion: Examining the challenges of valuation from payers and HTAs

  • Pricing and evaluating orphan drugs - present and future
  • What are the interests of payers and HTA bodies when considering how to improve access to rare disease therapies?
  • How will the increase of cancer, biosimilars and gene therapies change the pricing and access?

Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 14:10

A panel discussion on an innovative and groundbreaking collaborative approach to approaching HTA in rare disease

Project HERCULES: A platform to share evidence to HTAs – a model for DMD and beyond

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