Heide Stirnadel-Farrant | Director Epidemiology, GSK Fellow, Real World Evidence and Epidemiology

Heide Stirnadel-Farrant, Director Epidemiology, GSK Fellow, Real World Evidence and Epidemiology, GSK

Heide is a Director of Epidemiology and a GSK Fellow in the RWE & Epidemiology department at GlaxoSmithKline.  She is based in the UK, and has been working as an Epidemiologist in the pharmaceutical industry since 1999, providing Real World Evidence and observational research to inform decision making from drug discovery through all the various stages of lifecycle management.  Her key areas of expertise include pharmaco-epidemiology, genetic epidemiology and statistical methodology.  Heide uses her expertise in a variety of disease settings including renal, cardiovascular/metabolic, neuroscience, respiratory, tropical, infectious diseases and liver safety.  Recently, she has focussed on gene therapy research in rare diseases, and she has been developing an observational program that includes the creation of a registry to monitor safety and effectiveness of Strimvelis™ (first gene therapy for ADA SCID). Heide received her Doctorate (PhD) in Epidemiology and her Diplom in Biology from the University of Basel, Switzerland.


Day 1 Orphan 14th Nov @ 09:50

Current state of the art in multi-stakeholder and international collaborative processes: The importance of early dialogue initiatives & expedited regulatory pathways

  • Encouraging bigger and more innovative collaboration approaches between pharma, patient and academic organisations
  • Good practices to generate pre and post-marketing data – the value of shared governance of registries
  • Possible solutions and guidance to the regulatory requirements and standardisation of registry data

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