Emily Crossley | Co-founder
Duchenne U.K.

Emily Crossley, Co-founder, Duchenne U.K.

Emily set up the Duchenne Children’s Trust in 2012 after her son was diagnosed with Duchenne. Before that she was a reporter and anchor for Channel 4 News and CNN International. The Duchenne Children's Trust raised £3.5million in its first three years, to spend on clinical trials, research, and clinical trial infrastructure. The charity set up the annual Duchenne Dash, which brings in money for research and raises awareness around Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Emily has advocated on behalf of patients around the world. She's spoken many times in the Houses of Parliament. She is a member of the MHRA patient group consultative forum.


Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 09:30

Case study: Moving Mountains: how one parent led charity raised and spent millions, accelerating research and impacting the landscape

  • Developing innovative and holistic funding model to accelerate trials in rare disease
  • Leveraging investment model to bridge the “valley of death”
  • How we did it

Day 2 Orphan 15th Nov @ 14:10

A panel discussion on an innovative and groundbreaking collaborative approach to approaching HTA in rare disease

Project HERCULES: A platform to share evidence to HTAs – a model for DMD and beyond

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