Dr Carina Schey | PhD Researcher
University of Groningen

Dr Carina Schey, PhD Researcher, University of Groningen

Carina Schey has many years of both pharmaceutical industry and clinical pharmacy experience. She is a consultant health economist based in Switzerland, currently pursuing research through the University of Groningen, PharmacoEconomics and PharmacoEpidemiology Unit in the Netherlands.  The primary focus of her research is developing ways of demonstrating the true value of orphan drugs  as alternative options to standard cost-effectiveness studies.
Carina was a clinical pharmacist with a special interest in rare diseases, having worked at several leading London hospitals. Between 2002 and 2008, Carina designed and implemented patient-focused services that were provided on behalf of the UK NHS to a wide range of patients in their homes.
Carina has published several peer-reviewed articles and abstracts. Notable speaking engagements include the European Parliament “Patients’ Rights Day” and “Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases Day”.
Carina sits on the scientific advisory panel for several hospitals and patient bodies.

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