Anja Kladar | Project Manager
Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases

Anja Kladar, Project Manager, Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases

Anja Kladar is a Croatian physiotherapist, bachelor of economics and project manager for EU funds with more than 10 years of experience in the civil sector, especially in the field of rare diseases, trying to help and increase the quality of life of the patients.
During the years, Mrs. Kladar completed different educational programs to get specific knowledge and skills needed in the work of NGOs. Some of those programs are: management of volunteers, quality systems, fundraising, marketing and media etc.
During her work, she leaded many regional projects like regional marking of Rare Disease Day 2016, organizing education for leaders of NGOs from South Eastern Europe, making educational materials with patients from different countries of the region etc.
On national level Mrs. Kladar is in charge for the Croatian Help Line for Rare Diseases, management of Orphanet Croatia etc.

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