Ad Schuurman | Senior Advisor International Affairs
National Health Care Institute (ZIN), the Netherlands

Ad Schuurman, Senior Advisor International Affairs, National Health Care Institute (ZIN), the Netherlands

Ad Schuurman MSc MBA, Senior Advisor International Affairs with the National Health Care Institute (ZIN) in the Netherlands, President of the Medicine Evaluation Committee (MEDEV) in Brussels and Senior Medical Advisor with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London. Ad Schuurman manages relationships and collaboration with international partners and colleague organisations of the Institute. Prior to this he fulfilled various roles at the Institute as head of the International Affairs, the Business Contact Centre and the Reimbursement Department, and Manager of the Pharmacy Department. Since 2005 he is president of the MEDEV, in which the reimbursement and pricing authorities of 20 European countries cooperate. Since 2017 Ad has also been working part-time with the EMA to bridge the regulator world and the world of EU-payers.
Before joining the Institute, Ad worked as Deputy Director of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG). Prior to this he spent eight years working for several institutes for Mental Health, and was head of the Geriatric Department at one of these institutes. During these years he initiated about a hundred projects on cooperation between the Institute and other health care organisations. Between 1980 and 1985 Ad was coordinator of a patients’ association.
Ad graduated as a clinical psychologist in 1980 at Utrecht University. He also completed studies in Management Consultancy and Business Administration (MBA) at Nottingham Trent University (UK).


Day 2, Nov 8 @ 09:25

Speaking from experience, expedited regulatory pathways in gaining EMA PRIME examples – Where do we go from there?

  • Paving the way for biotechs to gain approval and access
  • Recent changes and future amendments to regulatory issues surrounding orphan drugs approval
  • How are companies interacting the payers and how to close the gap to allow treatments to reach patients
Discussion with payer and PRIME designated companies
last published: 16/Oct/18 13:35 GMT

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