SKC Beratungsgesellschaft

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SKC is an expert in answering strategic questions within the health care system. Together with its clients, SKC develops solutions that shape the future of the industry. We have a broad experience in all phases of the AMNOG process as well as in a wide variety of indications. Especially orphan drugs with their specific process have been a field of work for us lately. With our state-of-the-art analytics and a pragmatic focus on implementation we tackle complex structural changes in the health care system. Our strong affiliation with science allows us to go ahead and detect future trends and long term consequences early on.
To enable optimal reactions to the challenges of the Pharmaceutical Market Restructuring Act and the opportunities of the Care Structures Act we develop strategic concepts with you. This covers the whole process – from R&D decision making to the actual compilation of the value dossier down to the development and closure of care contracts. In our understanding, successful consulting means assisting you in making decisions that you can implement and that you can answer for in the long term.