RARE Technology Sponsor

OpenApp is the leading rare disease patient registry software company in Europe. We help patient organizations, pharmaceuticals and clinicians to gather and analyze real world information. Whether the objective is to advance clinical trials, push for advocacy or understand the disease, our software allows for the easier collection of high quality data. Our innovative platform covers the functionality from patient portals to clinical information systems and everything in between.

Pharmaceuticals who have used our platform to advance developing treatments for rare disease patients include Vertex and Shire. The European Commission’s Health Department commissioned OpenApp to develop a pan European clinical platform across 900 healthcare centres.

Patient Organizations who use our system include The European Cystic Fibrosis Society (lung disease), TREAT NMD (Neuromuscular Diseases), SMArtCare (SMA), British Association of Dermatologists (AD), CATs Foundation (Ultra rare Tay Sachs) and Cystic Fibrosis Registry of Ireland with the CF View patient portal.


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