Silver Sponsor

Clincierge® reduces barriers to clinical trial participation, enhancing enrollment and reducing drop-outs. We help put patient needs first, providing personalized support, travel and accommodation logistics, and directly paying trial-related costs outside of reimbursable incidental expenses. By helping patients, we help trial sponsors, CROs and research institutions manage the cost and time of clinical trials. 

In supporting patients, Clincierge reduces the anxiety and expense of trial participation for patients and caregivers, making it easier for them to join and remain in a study. This is accomplished by providing global travel and housing logistics, payment/reimbursement systems and on-going patient, family and caregiver support thus reducing the anxiety and out-of-pocket expense that patients and their families too often face when participating in clinical trials. By addressing the special patient needs and the demands that complex trial designs place on them and their families, we provide custom solutions to specific study-related problems as required. From the time a patient enrolls in a Clincierge-supported study until its completion, our multi-lingual, in-country “clincierges” provide seamless, personalized support for patients, their families and caregivers, communicating closely with them each step of the way. We operate worldwide in 30 countries and 23 languages, adding service areas and capabilities as needed.

Clincierge’s value-added services not only enhance patient recruitment and improve retention, they also relieve clinical research associates, clinical investigators and other study sponsor and trial site personnel from time-consuming patient logistics, enabling them to focus on patient care and the study itself. We reduce trial administrative costs and increase the timeliness of payments by managing such financial details via our efficient online global payment platform. Moreover, Clincierge services leverage the more than 20 years of health care-related travel and hospitality experience of our parent company, Gray Consulting International Meetings. Our extensive experience and global resources ensure our clients a leveraged spend for transportation and accommodations and a seamless process of getting patients to and from clinical trial sites.

Our goal: to reduce clinical testing time and cost, thus helping get new treatments to market as swiftly as possible.