Beacon Healthcare Communications


Beacon Healthcare Communications, is a full-service healthcare communications agency with a focused effort in the orphan/rare disease category.  Our experience working with specialty brands, has earned us partnerships with a number companies, advancing our broad experience across a number of rare disease therapeutic areas and with brands in various life cycle stages. 
At Beacon, we’re all Engagement Architects—people with significant industry experience engaging primary healthcare customers—consumers, providers, and payers. And because we also engage with one another, we’re able to provide a more efficient integration of thinking right from the start.
Beacon was founded in 2001 and brings experience, knowledge, and passion for our work every day to our clients and their brands. Our mission is to guide and support clients through the challenges and opportunities faced by their brands and in doing so, to build lasting engagements and relationships. One of our primary points of differentiation from other agencies, is that we have practical, integrated expertise across critical functions so we can optimize your brand communication.
We see the world through an architectural lens where we collaborate to define a desired outcome and then construct plans to achieve that goal in an efficient, effective manner. We leverage our expertise and the most current, innovative techniques in channels such as digital, CRM, and social media. Our mission is to optimize your healthcare advance across an efficient promotional spend, delivering an outstanding ROI for your investment.
Headquartered in Bedminster, NJ with a satellite office in Palo Alto, CA  the agency has global connectivity through thenetworkone based in London, an independent team of agencies focused on healthcare.