Terrie Livingston | Senior Director, US Medical

Terrie Livingston, Senior Director, US Medical, Biogen

Terrie Livingston obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and completed a general residency and specialty residency in Home Infusion and Business Administration from UCSF.  She has over 18 years of Managed Care expertise and 14 years of Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences experience.  She was a Managing Partner and Vice President of Pharmacy Operations and Business Development for eBioCare, a Specialty Pharmacy in California.  She has held various positions with increasing management and leadership responsibility within the pharmaceutical industry ranging from a field based Medical Science Liaison, Field Medical Manager, Head of the Medical and Value Based Outcomes, and member of the US Medical Leadership team at various companies including Pharmacia, Novartis and Biogen.  Currently, Terrie is Head of a newly created team in US Medical at Biogen called Real world outcomes, Innovative Partnerships & Insights.  In her new role Terrie is responsible for leading a team dedicated to real world data generation that is actionable and sustainable by multiple external stakeholders,  developing and building medical excellence and engagement with  Advocacy Organizations, Professional Societies, and  Health Care Policy Makers as well as developing and implementing a medical strategic plan for engagement with HCPs, Payers, Advocacy Groups, Professional Societies and Healthcare Policy Makers that focuses on collaborations and innovative partnerships that provide impactful solutions to healthcare and improved patient outcomes.

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