Rhonda Roberts | Associate Director, Biostatistics
Atlantic Research Group Inc

Rhonda Roberts, Associate Director, Biostatistics, Atlantic Research Group Inc

Rhonda Roberts, MSPH, is ARG’s new Associate Director of Biostatistics. Her key research interests have included clinical trials, infectious disease, time to-to-recurrent/multiple-type events, marginal structural models, cluster analyses, and data-driven surveillance strategies.
Roberts was previously employed by the Duke Clinical Research Institute [DCRI] from 2008-2017 as a lead biostatistician for a broad range of clinical trial study designs, sizes, and therapeutic areas.  She also helped lead the development of a data-driven trial management strategy: a targeted analysis–based surveillance effort designed to proactively minimize risk to patient safety and improve data quality.  Rhonda has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology/Biochemistry from Michigan Technological University and a master’s of science in public health in Epidemiology/Biostatistics from the University of South Carolina, Columbia.  She has co-authored more than 50 publications and a patent in virus recombinant creation methodologies.

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