Jan Liliemark | Professor, Program Manager
Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment

Jan Liliemark, Professor, Program Manager, Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment

Jan Liliemark is professor in pharmacotherapy and program manager at the Swedish Council of Health Technology Assessment (SBU). The SBU delivers HTA-rapports on various methods within the health area, comprehensive rapports on a full subject area, focussed alert rapports on new methods, commentary rapports on other agencies full rapports and finally, a service for decision makers delivering rapid focussed rapports on specific questions. Jan was also project manager within the Swedish Association for Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) for managed introduction of new medicines in Sweden 2012-2014 and is currently a member of the New Therapy Council at SALAR.
Jan Liliemark has a background in clinical practise, mainly clinical haematology and oncology between 1981 - 1998. Jan Liliemark has also a research background since 1978 with more than 100 published scientific papers. After 3-4 years as medical affairs manager at Schering-Plough, Nordic Biotech, he worked as scientific director at the Medical Product Agency (MPA) in Sweden between 2001 - 2010.


World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2018 - Seminars @ 16:15

Ethical and health economic aspects on introduction of new orphan drugs in Sweden

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