David Larwood | CEO and Founder
Valley Fever Solutions

David Larwood, CEO and Founder, Valley Fever Solutions

David learned chemistry at Caltech, and further skills in his first masters program. As a bench chemist, David made his first commercial drug in 1978, Iotrol, still sold worldwide and nearly $1B in sales (lifetime). In his PhD program at UCSF, he made the first ever PEGylated lipids, the foundation of PEGylated liposomes, such as Doxil, a $1B drug. Turning to law, as a patent lawyer he managed IP for a big chunk of Apple Computer, then ran IP as a VP for startup FormFactor (later very successfully public), and expanded to VP/General Counsel taking Verisity public in 2001 and staying in that role until the Verisity was sold in 2005 for >$300M. 
  When Valley Fever Solutions was first organized, David had time to get a dual MBA from Berkeley (Haas) and Columbia University. He has used in background to serve VFS as CEO, head of R&D, CFO and chief legal officer, as well as business development.

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