Dale Bodian | Manager Bioinformatics Scientist
Inova Translational Medicine Institute

Dale Bodian, Manager Bioinformatics Scientist, Inova Translational Medicine Institute

Dr Bodian is a Manager Bioinformatics Scientist at the Inova Translational Medicine Institute where she leads the discovery of disease-associated genetic variation in patients with undiagnosed rare disorders. Prior to joining Inova, Dr Bodian held positions at Stanford University, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Wyeth-Ayerst Research (now part of Pfizer), where her research focused on the analysis of ‘omics data for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy, including biomarker and drug target discovery.
Dr Bodian holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from Yale University, a PhD in Biochemistry from UCSF, and received postdoctoral training in Molecular Biophysics at the University of Oxford, UK.

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