Colin Hayward | Chief Medical Officer
Premier Research

Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer, Premier Research

Dr. Colin Hayward, FFPM, is Premier Research's top medical expert, providing global leadership for patient safety, scientific and ethical governance, and delivery of exemplary customer service.

Dr. Hayward embodies a rare combination of business and scientific expertise. After a career in hospital medicine with a focus on anesthesia and intensive care, he entered the pharmaceutical world. Using his expertise in local medical affairs and pharmacovigilance, Dr. Hayward became International Medical Leader at Roche, developing innovative medical marketing strategies for products in supportive care, anemia, and oncology.

In 2007 he joined the board of Prism Ideas Ltd. After helping grow Prism and earning a Queen's Award for business, he came to Premier Research in 2012, where he was the company's Vice President of Medical Affairs, providing round-the-clock medical support to ensure that customers' multimillion-euro drug development projects met their goals and adhered to stringent safety rules. He left Premier to serve as European Medical Director for Myriad Genetics, and returned to fill our newly created Chief Medical Officer position.


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