Adam Resnick | Director, Ctr for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Adam Resnick, Director, Ctr for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Resnick is focused on defining the cell signaling mechanisms of oncogenesis and tumor progression in brain tumors.The Resnick laboratory studies cell signaling cascades and their alterations in pediatric brain tumors. The goal of the laboratory is to elucidate the molecular and genetic underpinnings of pediatric brain tumors in an effort to identify and develop targeted therapies. Additional, related studies focus on the characterization of novel cell signaling cascades impinging on cancer biology, including the inositol polyphosphates and their associated metabolism. Dr. Resnick also leads a number of Open Data initiatives focused on genomic data sharing and the necessary infrastructure to support collaborative research efforts.

Director of the The Childhood Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) in Neurosurgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The CBTTC is a collaborative multi-institutional cooperative research program dedicated to the study of childhood brain tumors. The ultimate goal of the CBTTC is to improve outcomes for children with brain tumors by supporting research on new prognostic biomarkers and therapies. The CBTTC has made great strides towards increasing worldwide collaboration and positioning the CBTTC for long term growth and sustainability through integrating informatics advancements, a state of the art biorepository and the leading experts in the field.


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