Randox Biosciences


Randox Laboratories has a longstanding reputation as a world leading diagnostic manufacturer, providing innovative, high quality solutions designed to make diagnostic testing faster and with greater accuracy and reliability.  Built on this heritage, Randox Biosciences, part of Randox Laboratories, specialises in supplying academic centres, genetics laboratories and the global biopharmaceutical industry with products tailored to their specific needs; whether that is for research, molecular diagnostics or clinical trials.
The innovative offerings from Randox Biosciences are focused around our revolutionary multiplex Biochip Array Technology (BAT), a multi-analyte testing platform which facilitates simultaneous detection of a range of biomarkers from a single sample, providing a complete patient profile for rapid, accurate diagnosis. The technology includes multiplex protein immunoassays and multiplex nucleic acid arrays delivered via the Evidence range of analysers and is increasingly selected by leading research and biopharmaceutical companies as the platform of choice due to its precision, accuracy and reproducibility.  Our Companion diagnostics service enables us to partner with large pharma clients to accelerate drug development and regulatory approval, with the potential to transform healthcare across a range of therapeutic areas. This includes Oncology, Immunology, Metabolic, Nutritional, Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, Respiratory, Toxicology and Infection.
Randox Clinical Laboratory Services (RCLS) is the newest offering from Randox Biosciences. Building on over 30 years’ experience producing high quality IVD products, RCLS is dedicated to providing a central laboratory service designed to meet the time sensitive, bespoke requirements of research and clinical projects globally.