Ergomed / PSR


As a leading mid-size, global full-service CRO, Ergomed offers complete Phase I-IV clinical development and trial management solutions and specializes in orphan drug development.  To further support Ergomed’s focus in orphan and rare diseases, Ergomed and PSR joined forces together to create a leading orphan drug development expert team that will allow our clients to implement patient driven solutions in their clinical trials. Patients will define our future landscape, including the rise of both precision and preventative medicine.
The joint PSR and Ergomed combination allows us to act as a leading expert in assisting biotech and pharma companies with orphan drug development. Working together we specialize in designing and executing complex clinical development programs that require innovative regulatory and clinical approaches in both Europe and North America.
Our rare disease team will be attending the congress and would be very interested in meeting with you and learning about your activities and how we may be able to help or visit us online at or