We’re introducing a new style of event. One that allows attendees to tailor their content.
One that allows sponsors to take control of their audience, and allows them to meet
as many relevant attendees as possible. Here’s how we do it…




The keynote speakers of Terrapinn’s events include inspirational, visionary or industry leaders. Past keynote speakers include the likes of Emil Kakkis, President & CEO, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc., Laurie Letvak, Vice President, Clinical Development Policy, Novartis, Peter Saltonstall, Chief Executive Officer, National Organization For Rare Disorders and Richard Moscicki, Deputy Director for Science Operations, CDER, FDA.

As a Title or Platinum Sponsor you get to speak along with the keynotes.



A roundtable is by definition ‘a meeting around a table’. During this session, all the participants brainstorm, discuss and debate a series of relevant topics and problems. As a Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsor you’ll be moderating one or more of these tables.

A roundtable is a really powerful forum for you to meet at least 10 – 12 prequalified, self-selected attendees to debate a problem they have, and which you can solve.



We’ll work closely with you to recommend topics, speakers and invite VIP guest to participate on your panel, positioning you as a thought leader in the space and allowing you to hedge your expertise amongst a panel of your customers.

As a Platinum or Gold sponsor you can moderate or participate on a panel discussion on the topic of your choosing which can be populated with your customers or prospects.



Bring a client to co-present with you and share their experience while adding 3rd party credibility to your presentation and explaining to the audience exactly why you’re worth investing in.

These high-value presentations are available to Title, Platinum and Gold Sponsors.



Take ownership of the event and keep your message and brand front-ofmind throughout the entire conference. Be a thought leader and provide your opening and closing remarks on your day of the event, get introduced to all the speakers prior to the event and introduce each session on stage while keeping your brand fresh in the audiences’ mind all day.

This exclusive opportunity is open to Title and Platinum Sponsors.