1. Hear from industry leaders on how to maximise value from NOC-IOC relationships
  2. Over 300 attendees from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East
  3. Network with a global delegation to find the right partners to bring global resources to production
  4. Learn about the latest game changing technologies which are revolutionising the industry
  5. Understand key NOC strategies and discover new opportunities for partnerships
  6. Evaluate the true impact of unconventional oil and gas on markets and hear NOC strategies for exploiting unconventional opportunities
  7. Understand if NOCs are looking at redefining the PSC model to incentivise investment in the current climate
  8. Analyse emerging markets, prices, trends and partnerships in LNG
  9. Understand and assess how to overcome challenges of M&A, expansion and internationalisation
  10. Discover capital raising and financing solutions and how to overcome investment challenges