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MabDesign is a membership organization that aims to structure, mobilize and support the development of the industrial sector in the field of immunotherapy. MabDesign provides strategic leverage and development opportunities for companies.
You will find together with MabDesign:
Anaquant, a service company providing development of methods to analyze therapeutic proteins and mAb as well as Host Cell Proteins identification and quantification.
Axenis, a service company providing humanized mice as preclinical models in immunology.
Biotem, a mAb-dedicated CRO providing top services from Tx mAb discovery, humanization and characterization, to companion Dx mAb development (esp. validated for FFPE-tissue in IHC).
Cisbio, a leading provider of assays, reagents and services for biotherapeutic / small molecule screening, and lead optimization.
GTP Technology, a CDMO providing custom production and process development services for mAbs and recombinant proteins, that supports biopharmaceutical companies in taking their candidates from discovery lab bench through to manufacturing.
iMab. a CRO providing an innovative phage display platform & expert services for the discovery of human therapeutic antibodies with high developability.
MabSilico, a service company providing in silico technologies and wet-lab validation for the characterization of antibodies at early phase development.
MI-mAbs, a pre-industrial demonstrator that accelerates the research of new antibodies against cancers and inflammatory disease.
Promise Advanced Proteomics, offers a range of “off the shelf” and custom produced stable isotope labelled intact, recombinant proteins to benefit scientists who require robust and reliable quantitative LC-MS workflows.
ProteoGenix a CRO offering services from gene to biotherapeutics (mAbs and proteins) and bioassay kits.
RD Biotech, a French CRO providing high added value services for the development and production of mAbs and recombinant proteins.
Voxcan, a preclinical CRO providing medical imaging driven services in the domains of osteo-articular diseases, infectious diseases (bacterial and viral) and oncology.  
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There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: the five world-class international conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, BioSimilars, Clinical Trials, and High Potency APIs; and an exhibition featuring the most exciting technology and solutions for pharma and biotech. There is a registration fee to attend the conferences. To visit the exhibition is free.

Conference 29 - 31 October • Exhibition & Seminars 29 - 31 October 

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