Viktorija Antanaviciute, Managing Director, Tonybet

Viktorija Antanaviciute | Managing Director | Tonybet » speaking at WGES

Neil Banbury, Head of UK Strategy, Unibet

Neil Banbury | Head of UK Strategy | Unibet » speaking at WGES

Nigel Birrell, CEO, Lottoland

Nigel Birrell | CEO | Lottoland » speaking at WGES

Wolfgang Bliem, CEO, Grand Casino Luzern

Wolfgang Bliem | CEO | Grand Casino Luzern » speaking at WGES

Maria Boelius, CEO, Cashmio

Maria Boelius | CEO | Cashmio » speaking at WGES

Britt Boeskov, Chief Programme Officer, Kindred Group

Britt Boeskov | Chief Programme Officer | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Antoine Bonello, COO, Mr Green

Antoine Bonello | COO | Mr Green » speaking at WGES

Philip Bowcock, Group Chief Executive Officer, William Hill

Philip Bowcock | Group Chief Executive Officer | William Hill » speaking at WGES

Marcus Brennan, CEO, Betbright

Marcus Brennan | CEO | Betbright » speaking at WGES

Adriaan Brink, CEO, Betterbetting

Adriaan Brink | CEO | Betterbetting » speaking at WGES

Marco Castaldo, CEO, Microgame S.p.A

Marco Castaldo | CEO | Microgame S.p.A » speaking at WGES

Cuan Chelin, Founder & Chief Executive, Sportingbet South Africa

Cuan Chelin | Founder & Chief Executive | Sportingbet South Africa » speaking at WGES

Benjie Cherniak, Managing Director, Don Best Sports

Benjie Cherniak | Managing Director | Don Best Sports » speaking at WGES

Robert Chvátal, CEO, Sazka Group

Robert Chvátal | CEO | Sazka Group » speaking at WGES

Ash Clay, Head of User Experience, Kindred Group

Ash Clay | Head of User Experience | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

John Coleman, CEO, Microgaming

John Coleman | CEO | Microgaming » speaking at WGES

Heather Cooper, CMO, Casumo

Heather Cooper | CMO | Casumo » speaking at WGES

Irina Cornides, CEO, Jackpotjoy Division, Jackpotjoy Plc

Irina Cornides | CEO, Jackpotjoy Division | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Brad Cummings, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EquiLottery

Brad Cummings | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | EquiLottery » speaking at WGES

Carlo Di Maio, Sportsbook Director, Eurobet Italia

Carlo Di Maio | Sportsbook Director | Eurobet Italia » speaking at WGES

Tyrone Dobbin, Managing Director, Sportingbet South Africa

Tyrone Dobbin | Managing Director | Sportingbet South Africa » speaking at WGES

Vidar Duvnäs, CEO, Betspawn

Vidar Duvnäs | CEO | Betspawn » speaking at WGES

Alberto Eljarrat, Managing Director, Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa

Alberto Eljarrat | Managing Director | Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa » speaking at WGES

David Ellis, Investor Relations, Nagacorp Ltd

David Ellis | Investor Relations | Nagacorp Ltd » speaking at WGES

Jose Antonio Esteban Sanchez, CTO, Codere

Jose Antonio Esteban Sanchez | CTO | Codere » speaking at WGES

Susanna Fernandez, Deputy Director General for Management and Institutional Relations, General de Regulación del Juego

Susanna Fernandez | Deputy Director General for Management and Institutional Relations | General de Regulación del Juego » speaking at WGES

Yakir Firestane, Director of Gaming, Health Lottery

Yakir Firestane | Director of Gaming | Health Lottery » speaking at WGES

Richard Flint, Executive Chairman, Sky Betting and Gaming

Richard Flint | Executive Chairman | Sky Betting and Gaming » speaking at WGES

Jason Frost, President, Euromat

Jason Frost | President | Euromat » speaking at WGES

Phillippa Garty, Head Of Marketing, Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City

Phillippa Garty | Head Of Marketing | Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City » speaking at WGES

Lanre Gbajabiamila, Director-General/CEO, National Lottery Regulatory Commission

Lanre Gbajabiamila | Director-General/CEO | National Lottery Regulatory Commission » speaking at WGES

Marcus Geiss, CEO, Navidad Foundation

Marcus Geiss | CEO | Navidad Foundation » speaking at WGES

Andrew Gellatly, Head of Global Research Services, Gambling Compliance Ltd

Andrew Gellatly | Head of Global Research Services | Gambling Compliance Ltd » speaking at WGES

Tristan Gijsenbergh, Public Affairs & Policy Officer, European Advertising Standards Alliance

Tristan Gijsenbergh | Public Affairs & Policy Officer | European Advertising Standards Alliance » speaking at WGES

Charles Gillespie, Group Chief Executive Officer, Gambling.com Group

Charles Gillespie | Group Chief Executive Officer | Gambling.com Group » speaking at WGES

Daniel Graetzer, CEO, Carousel Group

Daniel Graetzer | CEO | Carousel Group » speaking at WGES

Steven Grech, Co-Founder, Yakocasino

Steven Grech | Co-Founder | Yakocasino » speaking at WGES

Jannie Haek, CEO, The National Lottery

Jannie Haek | CEO | The National Lottery » speaking at WGES

Hampus Hagglof, CEO, Fsport

Hampus Hagglof | CEO | Fsport » speaking at WGES

Gavin Hamilton, CEO, Red Tiger Gaming

Gavin Hamilton | CEO | Red Tiger Gaming » speaking at WGES

Sarah Hanratty, CEO, Senet Group

Sarah Hanratty | CEO | Senet Group » speaking at WGES

Chris Harrison, Industry Head - Financial Trading and Egaming, Google

Chris Harrison | Industry Head - Financial Trading and Egaming | Google » speaking at WGES

Anna Hemmings, CEO, GamCare

Anna Hemmings | CEO | GamCare » speaking at WGES

Peter Hoetzinger, Co CEO, Century Casinos Inc

Peter Hoetzinger | Co CEO | Century Casinos Inc » speaking at WGES

Dietmar Hoscher, Member of the Managing Board of Casinos Austria, Casinos Austria AG

Dietmar Hoscher | Member of the Managing Board of Casinos Austria | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Nico Jansen, CEO, Bet IT Best GmbH

Nico Jansen | CEO | Bet IT Best GmbH » speaking at WGES

Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño, Director of Operations, Logrand Group

Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño | Director of Operations | Logrand Group » speaking at WGES

Jan Jones Blackhurst, EVP Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, Caesar's Entertainment

Jan Jones Blackhurst | EVP Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility | Caesar's Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Jesper Karrbrink, CEO, Mr Green

Jesper Karrbrink | CEO | Mr Green » speaking at WGES

Ewa Kazmierska, COO, Twin

Ewa Kazmierska | COO | Twin » speaking at WGES

Sadok Kohen, Founder, BetBull

Sadok Kohen | Founder | BetBull » speaking at WGES

Eirik Kristiansen, CEO, Pixel.bet

Eirik Kristiansen | CEO | Pixel.bet » speaking at WGES

Veiko Krunberg, Managing Director, Olympic Entertainment Group

Veiko Krunberg | Managing Director | Olympic Entertainment Group » speaking at WGES

Keith Laslop, Founder, Jackpotjoy Plc

Keith Laslop | Founder | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Laurent Lassiaz, Chairman and CEO, Joa Groupe

Laurent Lassiaz | Chairman and CEO | Joa Groupe » speaking at WGES

Lars Lien, Co-Founder & CEO, Luckbox

Lars Lien | Co-Founder & CEO | Luckbox » speaking at WGES

Becky Liggero, Lead On-Site Reporter, CalvinAyre.com

Becky Liggero | Lead On-Site Reporter | CalvinAyre.com » speaking at WGES

Sarne Lightman, Managing Director, Betbright

Sarne Lightman | Managing Director | Betbright » speaking at WGES

Mikel Lopez De Torre, Digital Director, Sportium

Mikel Lopez De Torre | Digital Director | Sportium » speaking at WGES

Américo Loureiro, Gaming Director, Solverde

Américo Loureiro | Gaming Director | Solverde » speaking at WGES

Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, Independent

Oisin Lunny | Senior Market Development Manager | Independent » speaking at WGES

Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures, Kindred Group

Will Mace | Head of Kindred Futures | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Bernard Marantelli, CEO, Colossus Bets

Bernard Marantelli | CEO | Colossus Bets » speaking at WGES

Carla Maree Vella, Founder, ConsultXD

Carla Maree Vella | Founder | ConsultXD » speaking at WGES

Roger Marris, CEO, The Ritz Club, London

Roger Marris | CEO | The Ritz Club, London » speaking at WGES

Mark Mcguinness, Chief Marketing Officer, Betolimp

Mark Mcguinness | Chief Marketing Officer | Betolimp » speaking at WGES

Timothy Mcnally, Chairman, Nagacorp Ltd

Timothy Mcnally | Chairman | Nagacorp Ltd » speaking at WGES

Michael Mrak, Head of Department for Corporate Governance Coordination and Compliance, Casinos Austria AG

Michael Mrak | Head of Department for Corporate Governance Coordination and Compliance | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Carsten Muth, Head of Legal & Compliance, Lotto24 AG

Carsten Muth | Head of Legal & Compliance | Lotto24 AG » speaking at WGES

Peter Naessens, Head of Unit Regulatory Advice, Research, Gaming Commission

Peter Naessens | Head of Unit Regulatory Advice, Research | Gaming Commission » speaking at WGES

Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer, Betsson Group

Lena Nordin | Chief HR Officer | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Mike O'Donohue, Chief Data Officer, Camelot

Mike O'Donohue | Chief Data Officer | Camelot » speaking at WGES

Eric Olders, CEO, JVH gaming & entertainment group

Eric Olders | CEO | JVH gaming & entertainment group » speaking at WGES

Susan O'Leary, CEO, Alderney eGambling Limited

Susan O'Leary | CEO | Alderney eGambling Limited » speaking at WGES

Finbarr O'Mahony, Head of Real Money Gaming EMEA, Facebook

Finbarr O'Mahony | Head of Real Money Gaming EMEA | Facebook » speaking at WGES

Hermann Pamminger, Corporate Social Responsibility - European Affairs Tourism Politics, Casinos Austria AG

Hermann Pamminger | Corporate Social Responsibility - European Affairs Tourism Politics | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Roger Parkes, Groupl Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Betway

Roger Parkes | Groupl Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs | Betway » speaking at WGES

Bill Pascrell Iii, Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc

Bill Pascrell Iii | Partner | Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc » speaking at WGES

Michael Pedersen, CEO and Co-founder, Letsbet.com

Michael Pedersen | CEO and Co-founder | Letsbet.com » speaking at WGES

Luis Pereira, Managing Director, Asia Gaming Brief

Luis Pereira | Managing Director | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Jonathan Pettemerides, Director of Multi-Channel, Rank Group

Jonathan Pettemerides | Director of Multi-Channel | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Sergey Portnov, CEO, Parimatch

Sergey Portnov | CEO | Parimatch » speaking at WGES

Imran Premji, CEO, Safaribet

Imran Premji | CEO | Safaribet » speaking at WGES

Jindrich Rajchl, CEO, Funtasy sports

Jindrich Rajchl | CEO | Funtasy sports » speaking at WGES

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani, CEO & Co Founder, Sporty Bet

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani | CEO & Co Founder | Sporty Bet » speaking at WGES

Kevin Reid, CCO, Red Queen Casino

Kevin Reid | CCO | Red Queen Casino » speaking at WGES

Paul Richardson, Group Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, Rank Group

Paul Richardson | Group Director of Strategy and Corporate Development | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Rikard Rinaldo, Director of Communication, Mr Green

Rikard Rinaldo | Director of Communication | Mr Green » speaking at WGES

Morten Ronde, CEO, Danish Online Gambling Association

Morten Ronde | CEO | Danish Online Gambling Association » speaking at WGES

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority

Birgitte Sand | Director | Danish Gambling Authority » speaking at WGES

David Sargeant, Founder, Igaming Ideas

David Sargeant | Founder | Igaming Ideas » speaking at WGES

Shay Segev, Chief Operating Officer, GVC Holdings

Shay Segev | Chief Operating Officer | GVC Holdings » speaking at WGES

Jamison Selby, SVP, Games & Marketing, Bspot

Jamison Selby | SVP, Games & Marketing | Bspot » speaking at WGES

Tim Shepherd, Co-Founder, Fortuna Investments

Tim Shepherd | Co-Founder | Fortuna Investments » speaking at WGES

Ronna Shilon, CEO, Gate777

Ronna Shilon | CEO | Gate777 » speaking at WGES

Paris Smith, CEO, Pinnacle

Paris Smith | CEO | Pinnacle » speaking at WGES

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO, VideoSlots

Alexander Stevendahl | CEO | VideoSlots » speaking at WGES

Angel Sueiro, COO, The Emerald Resort

Angel Sueiro | COO | The Emerald Resort » speaking at WGES

Jedidiah Taylor, Founder, CEO, Decent.Bet

Jedidiah Taylor | Founder, CEO | Decent.Bet » speaking at WGES

Simon Thomas, CEO, The Hippodrome Casino

Simon Thomas | CEO | The Hippodrome Casino » speaking at WGES

Alexandre Tomic, Co-Founder and CEO, Alea Digital

Alexandre Tomic | Co-Founder and CEO | Alea Digital » speaking at WGES

Claire Tribert, Marketing Consultant, Betsson Group

Claire Tribert | Marketing Consultant | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Jari Vahanen, Senior Vice President of International Business Development, Veikkaus Oy

Jari Vahanen | Senior Vice President of International Business Development | Veikkaus Oy » speaking at WGES

Magnus Von Zitzewitz, CFO and Executive Board Member, Lotto24 AG

Magnus Von Zitzewitz | CFO and Executive Board Member | Lotto24 AG » speaking at WGES

Helen Walton, Founder and Marketing Director, Gamevy

Helen Walton | Founder and Marketing Director | Gamevy » speaking at WGES

Filip Wargeus, eSports Lead, Kindred Group

Filip Wargeus | eSports Lead | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Graham Weir, Group Director Responsible Gambling, Ladbrokes Coral Group

Graham Weir | Group Director Responsible Gambling | Ladbrokes Coral Group » speaking at WGES

Per Widerstrom, CEO, Fortuna Entertainment

Per Widerstrom | CEO | Fortuna Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Greg Williams, Editor -In-Chief, Wired

Greg Williams | Editor -In-Chief | Wired » speaking at WGES

Martin Williams, Asia Editor, Gambling Compliance

Martin Williams | Asia Editor | Gambling Compliance » speaking at WGES

Gillian Wilmot, Chairman, Senet Group

Gillian Wilmot | Chairman | Senet Group » speaking at WGES

Adam Wilson, CEO, Bookee

Adam Wilson | CEO | Bookee » speaking at WGES

Seth Young, Director of Online Gaming, Foxwoods Resort Casino

Seth Young | Director of Online Gaming | Foxwoods Resort Casino » speaking at WGES

Itai Zak, CEO, Go Wild Gaming

Itai Zak | CEO | Go Wild Gaming » speaking at WGES

Tal Zamstein, Group Head of Gaming, Fortuna Group

Tal Zamstein | Group Head of Gaming | Fortuna Group » speaking at WGES





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