Svend Aage Kirk, Chief Executive Officer, Mindway AI

Alberto Alfieri, Chief Operating Officer, Bet Entertainment

Shahar Attias, CEO, Hybrid Interaction Ltd.

Stephen Aupy, VP Strategic Partnerships, Gamban

Stephen Aupy | VP Strategic Partnerships | Gamban » speaking at WGES

Vahe Baloulian, Strategic Adviser, BetConstruct

Neil Banbury, UK General Manager, Kindred Group

Neil Banbury | UK General Manager | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Nigel Birrell, Chief Executive Officer, Lottoland

Nigel Birrell | Chief Executive Officer | Lottoland » speaking at WGES

Melissa Blau, Director, Igaming Capital

Melissa Blau | Director | Igaming Capital » speaking at WGES

Wolfgang Bliem, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Casino Luzern

Wolfgang Bliem | Chief Executive Officer | Grand Casino Luzern » speaking at WGES

Maria Boelius, Chief Executive Officer, Cashmio

Maria Boelius | Chief Executive Officer | Cashmio » speaking at WGES

Britt Boeskov, Chief Experience Officer, Kindred Group

Britt Boeskov | Chief Experience Officer | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Philip Bowcock, Group Chief Executive Officer, William Hill

Philip Bowcock | Group Chief Executive Officer | William Hill » speaking at WGES

Michael Brady, Co-Founder, Bede Gaming Ltd

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, SVP Asia and Strategic Markets, Gaming Incubator

Harmen Brenninkmeijer | SVP Asia and Strategic Markets | Gaming Incubator » speaking at WGES

Adriaan Brink, Chief Executive Officer, Betterbetting

Adriaan Brink | Chief Executive Officer | Betterbetting » speaking at WGES

Lucy Buckley, Chief Executive Officer, Nektan Plc

Susana Campuzano, Deputy Director General For Management And Institutional Relations, General de Regulación del Juego

Marco Castaldo, Chief Executive Officer, Microgame S.p.A

Marco Castaldo | Chief Executive Officer | Microgame S.p.A » speaking at WGES

Raymond Chan, Founder, Alphaslot

Raymond Chan | Founder | Alphaslot » speaking at WGES

Cuan Chelin, Founder And Chief Executive, Sportingbet South Africa

Cuan Chelin | Founder And Chief Executive | Sportingbet South Africa » speaking at WGES

Benjie Cherniak, Managing Director, Don Best Sports. SG Digital

Benjie Cherniak | Managing Director | Don Best Sports. SG Digital » speaking at WGES

Robert Chvátal, Chief Executive Officer, Sazka Group

Robert Chvátal | Chief Executive Officer | Sazka Group » speaking at WGES

Ash Clay, Head Of User Experience, Kindred Group

Ash Clay | Head Of User Experience | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Jonathon Clontz, Chief Executive Officer, Wyoming Lottery

John Cole, Group Director, Brand Partnerships, Sport, Gambling And Alcohol, LADbible Group

John Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, Microgaming

Motti Colman, Director of New Business, Optimove

Sam Cooke, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Esports Insider

Heather Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, Casumo

Heather Cooper | Chief Marketing Officer | Casumo » speaking at WGES

Irina Cornides, Chief Executive Officer, Jackpotjoy Division, Jackpotjoy Plc

Irina Cornides | Chief Executive Officer, Jackpotjoy Division | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Kerry Dawes, Director of Digital Customer Experience, Rank Group

Kerry Dawes | Director of Digital Customer Experience | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Trevor De Giorgio, Chief Legal Officer, Greentube

Carlo Di Maio, Sportsbook Director, Eurobet Italia

Carlo Di Maio | Sportsbook Director | Eurobet Italia » speaking at WGES

Andy Dixon, Co-Founder, Giftmybet

Andy Dixon | Co-Founder | Giftmybet » speaking at WGES

Tyrone Dobbin, Managing Director, Sportingbet South Africa

Beth Doherty, Avp Casino Operations, Wynn Resorts Macau

Beth Doherty | Avp Casino Operations | Wynn Resorts Macau » speaking at WGES

Alberto Eljarrat, Managing Director, Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa

Alberto Eljarrat | Managing Director | Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa » speaking at WGES

Jose Antonio Esteban Sanchez, Chief Technology Officer, Codere

Jose Antonio Esteban Sanchez | Chief Technology Officer | Codere » speaking at WGES

Damien Evans, Co-Founder, Graphyte

Damien Evans | Co-Founder | Graphyte » speaking at WGES

Kostas Farris, Chief Technology Officer And Director, Quanta Technology

Jean-Luc Ferriere, Chief Commercial Officer, Microgaming

Aleksandra Fetisova, DAO.Casino

Yakir Firestane, Director Of Gaming, Health Lottery

Yakir Firestane | Director Of Gaming | Health Lottery » speaking at WGES

Benjamin Fockersperger, Founder, esports-agency.gg

Benjamin Fockersperger | Founder | esports-agency.gg » speaking at WGES

Jason Frost, President, Euromat

Jason Frost | President | Euromat » speaking at WGES

Juan Espinosa Garcia, General Director of Gambling Regulation, Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Juan Espinosa Garcia | General Director of Gambling Regulation | Ministry of Finance and Public Administration » speaking at WGES

Fernando Garita, Head of Business Development LATAM, Betcris

Fernando Garita | Head of Business Development LATAM | Betcris » speaking at WGES

Phillippa Garty, Head Of Marketing, Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City

Phillippa Garty | Head Of Marketing | Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City » speaking at WGES

Lanre Gbajabiamila, General Director And Chief Executive Officer, National Lottery Regulatory Commission

Lanre Gbajabiamila | General Director And Chief Executive Officer | National Lottery Regulatory Commission » speaking at WGES

Marcus Geiss, Chief Executive Officer, Navidad Foundation

Marcus Geiss | Chief Executive Officer | Navidad Foundation » speaking at WGES

Andrew Gellatly, Head Of Global Research Services, GamblingCompliance

Andrew Gellatly | Head Of Global Research Services | GamblingCompliance » speaking at WGES

Charles Gillespie, Group Chief Executive Officer, Gambling.com Group

Charles Gillespie | Group Chief Executive Officer | Gambling.com Group » speaking at WGES

John Gordon, CEO, Incentive Games

John Gordon | CEO | Incentive Games » speaking at WGES

Naveen Goyal, Founder and CEO, Khel Group

Naveen Goyal | Founder and CEO | Khel Group » speaking at WGES

Blaine Graboyes, Chief Executive Officer, GAMECO

Blaine Graboyes | Chief Executive Officer | GAMECO » speaking at WGES

Daniel Graetzer, Chief Executive Officer, Carousel Group

Daniel Graetzer | Chief Executive Officer | Carousel Group » speaking at WGES

Steven Grech, Co-Founder, Yakocasino

Steven Grech | Co-Founder | Yakocasino » speaking at WGES

Dermot Griffin, Chief Executive Officer, The National Lottery

Georg Gubo, COO, Greentube

Hampus Hagglof, Chief Executive Officer, Fsport

Hampus Hagglof | Chief Executive Officer | Fsport » speaking at WGES

Maarten Haijer, sec gen, European Gaming And Betting Association

Gavin Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, Red Tiger Gaming

Gavin Hamilton | Chief Executive Officer | Red Tiger Gaming » speaking at WGES

Sarah Hanratty, Chief Executive Officer, Senet Group

Sarah Hanratty | Chief Executive Officer | Senet Group » speaking at WGES

Chris Harrison, Industry Head - Financial Trading And Egaming, Google

Chris Harrison | Industry Head - Financial Trading And Egaming | Google » speaking at WGES

Andreas Hartmann, COO and Co-Founder, VAIX

Frank Herold, Business Development Director, EMIRAT AG

Frank Herold | Business Development Director | EMIRAT AG » speaking at WGES

Wes Himes, Chief Executive, The Remote Gambling Association

Wes Himes | Chief Executive | The Remote Gambling Association » speaking at WGES

Peter Hoetzinger, Co Chief Executive Officer, Century Casinos Inc

Peter Hoetzinger | Co Chief Executive Officer | Century Casinos Inc » speaking at WGES

Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General, Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling

Dietmar Hoscher, Member Of The Managing Board Of Casinos Austria, Casinos Austria AG

Dietmar Hoscher | Member Of The Managing Board Of Casinos Austria | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Sean Hurley, Sport Betting and Gaming Advisor

Sean Hurley |  | Sport Betting and Gaming Advisor » speaking at WGES

Albert Isola, Minister For Financial Services And Gaming, HM Government of Gibraltar

Hugo Jacques, Key Advisor, Bitbook

Morgan Jacquin, Head of Business Development & Operations, Skill Corner

Morgan Jacquin | Head of Business Development & Operations | Skill Corner » speaking at WGES

Nico Jansen, Chief Executive Officer, Bet IT Best GmbH

Nico Jansen | Chief Executive Officer | Bet IT Best GmbH » speaking at WGES

Tony Joeglal, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Euro Payment Group

Tony Joeglal | VP Global Sales & Marketing | Euro Payment Group » speaking at WGES

Jan Jones Blackhurst, Evp Public Policy And Corporate Responsibility, Caesar's Entertainment

Jan Jones Blackhurst | Evp Public Policy And Corporate Responsibility | Caesar's Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Emil Kanev, Head of Marketing, efbet

Emil Kanev | Head of Marketing | efbet » speaking at WGES

Mr Jesper Kärrbrink, Co-founder and Creative Director, Green Jade Games Ltd

Mr Jesper Kärrbrink | Co-founder and Creative Director | Green Jade Games Ltd » speaking at WGES

Mike Kenward, Development Director, GamCare

Alex Kornilov, Managing Director, Betegy

Stefan Kovach, CEO, FunFair Technologies

Eirik Kristiansen, Chief Executive Officer, Pixel.bet

Eirik Kristiansen | Chief Executive Officer | Pixel.bet » speaking at WGES

Veiko Krunberg, Managing Director, Olympic Entertainment Group

Veiko Krunberg | Managing Director | Olympic Entertainment Group » speaking at WGES

Keith Laslop, Founder, Jackpotjoy Plc

Keith Laslop | Founder | Jackpotjoy Plc » speaking at WGES

Bob Lee, Independent Consultant

John Levy, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, theScore, Inc

John Levy | Chairman And Chief Executive Officer | theScore, Inc » speaking at WGES

Lars Lien, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Luckbox

Lars Lien | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Luckbox » speaking at WGES

Becky Liggero, Lead On-Site Reporter, CalvinAyre.com

Becky Liggero | Lead On-Site Reporter | CalvinAyre.com » speaking at WGES

Mikel Lopez De Torre, Digital Director, Sportium

Mikel Lopez De Torre | Digital Director | Sportium » speaking at WGES

Américo Loureiro, Director, Solverde

Américo Loureiro | Director | Solverde » speaking at WGES

Oisin Lunny, Professor of UX Driven Business, Barcelona Technology School

Will Mace, Head Of Kindred Futures, Kindred Group

Will Mace | Head Of Kindred Futures | Kindred Group » speaking at WGES

Bernard Marantelli, Chief Executive Officer, Colossus Bets

Bernard Marantelli | Chief Executive Officer | Colossus Bets » speaking at WGES

Carla Maree Vella, Founder, ConsultXD

Carla Maree Vella | Founder | ConsultXD » speaking at WGES

Roger Marris, Chief Executive Officer, The Ritz Club, London

Roger Marris | Chief Executive Officer | The Ritz Club, London » speaking at WGES

Quentin Martin, COO, Luckbox

Toni Mateos, Founder & CTO, Freeverse.io

Robert Montgomery, Chairman, GAMECO

Robert Montgomery | Chairman | GAMECO » speaking at WGES

Michael Mrak, Head Of Department For Corporate Governance Coordination And Compliance, Casinos Austria AG

Michael Mrak | Head Of Department For Corporate Governance Coordination And Compliance | Casinos Austria AG » speaking at WGES

Carsten Muth, Head Of Legal And Compliance, Lotto24 AG

Carsten Muth | Head Of Legal And Compliance | Lotto24 AG » speaking at WGES

Peter Naessens, Acting General Director, Gaming Commission

Peter Naessens | Acting General Director | Gaming Commission » speaking at WGES

Chris Naudi, Head of Sportsbook, Global Gaming

Max Nikolaenko, COO, DAO.Casino

Lena Nordin, Chief Human Resources Officer, Betsson Group

Lena Nordin | Chief Human Resources Officer | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Eric Olders, Chief Executive Officer, JVH gaming & entertainment group

Eric Olders | Chief Executive Officer | JVH gaming & entertainment group » speaking at WGES

Susan O'Leary, Chief Executive Officer, Alderney eGambling Limited

Magnus Olsson, Head Of Sales And Account Management, Play'n GO

Mark Pace, Managing Director, Gaming Standard Association Europe

Mark Pace | Managing Director | Gaming Standard Association Europe » speaking at WGES

Roger Parkes, Groupl Head Of Compliance And Regulatory Affairs, Betway

Roger Parkes | Groupl Head Of Compliance And Regulatory Affairs | Betway » speaking at WGES

Bill Pascrell III, Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc

Michael Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Letsbet.com

Michael Pedersen | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Letsbet.com » speaking at WGES

Luis Pereira, Managing Director, Asia Gaming Brief

Luis Pereira | Managing Director | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Jonathan Pettemerides, Director Of Multi-Channel, Rank Group

Jonathan Pettemerides | Director Of Multi-Channel | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Sergey Portnov, Chief Executive Officer, Parimatch

Sergey Portnov | Chief Executive Officer | Parimatch » speaking at WGES

Imran Premji, Chief Executive Officer, Safaribet

Imran Premji | Chief Executive Officer | Safaribet » speaking at WGES

Andy Preston, Head Of Delivery - Regulatory Change, Ladbrokes Coral

Lloyd Purser, Managing Director, CasinoFair

John Quinn, Content Strategy Director, Microgaming

Jindrich Rajchl, Chief Executive Officer, Funtasy sports

Jindrich Rajchl | Chief Executive Officer | Funtasy sports » speaking at WGES

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani, Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder, Sporty Bet

Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani | Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder | Sporty Bet » speaking at WGES

Monica Rangel, Advisory Board Member, Global Lottery Corporation

Monica Rangel | Advisory Board Member | Global Lottery Corporation » speaking at WGES

Kevin Reid, Cco, Red Queen Casino

Kevin Reid | Cco | Red Queen Casino » speaking at WGES

Paul Richardson, Group Director Of Strategy And Corporate Development, Rank Group

Paul Richardson | Group Director Of Strategy And Corporate Development | Rank Group » speaking at WGES

Morten Ronde, Chief Executive Officer, Danish Online Gambling Association

Morten Ronde | Chief Executive Officer | Danish Online Gambling Association » speaking at WGES

Ivan Rozic, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Nsoft

Alessandro Salvati, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nextwin

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority

David Sargeant, Founder, Igaming Ideas

David Sargeant | Founder | Igaming Ideas » speaking at WGES

William Scott, Vice President, iGaming Expert

William Scott | Vice President | iGaming Expert » speaking at WGES

Shay Segev, Chief Operating Officer, GVC Holdings

Shay Segev | Chief Operating Officer | GVC Holdings » speaking at WGES

Jamison Selby, Senior Vice President, Games And Marketing, Bspot

Jamison Selby | Senior Vice President, Games And Marketing | Bspot » speaking at WGES

Tim Shepherd, Director, Fortuna Investments

Tim Shepherd | Director | Fortuna Investments » speaking at WGES

Ronna Shilon, Chief Executive Officer, Gate777

Ronna Shilon | Chief Executive Officer | Gate777 » speaking at WGES

Max Shyrokiy, Co-Founder, Fireswan

Rolf Sims, Manager, Public Affairs And Chairperson, Norwegian Trade Association For Online Gambling, Kindred Group

Dean Sisun, Co-Founder and President, Prophet

Paris Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle

Paris Smith | Chief Executive Officer | Pinnacle » speaking at WGES

Gonen Solomon, COO, Go Wild Gaming

Gonen Solomon | COO | Go Wild Gaming » speaking at WGES

Kresimir Spajic, Senior Vice President, Hard Rock International

Artem Spiridonov, CPO, DAO.Casino

Alexander Stevendahl, Chief Executive Officer, VideoSlots

Alexander Stevendahl | Chief Executive Officer | VideoSlots » speaking at WGES

Jonathan Strock, Director Of Development, Lucien Barriere

Hillevi Stuhrenberg, Manager Responsible Gambling And Csr, Betsson Group

Hillevi Stuhrenberg | Manager Responsible Gambling And Csr | Betsson Group » speaking at WGES

Angel Sueiro, Chief Operating Officer, The Emerald Resort

Angel Sueiro | Chief Operating Officer | The Emerald Resort » speaking at WGES

Heinz-Georg Sundermann, CEO, Lotto Hessen

Jack Symons, Chief Executive, Gamban

Jedidiah Taylor, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Decent.Bet

Jedidiah Taylor | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Decent.Bet » speaking at WGES

Simon Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, The Hippodrome Casino

Simon Thomas | Chief Executive Officer | The Hippodrome Casino » speaking at WGES

Mark Thomas, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, ZenSports

Stuart Tilly, Director, Argyll Entertainment

Giacomo Tognoni, CEO, Bethereum

Alexandre Tomic, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Alea Digital

Alexandre Tomic | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Alea Digital » speaking at WGES

Jari Vahanen, Senior Vice President Of International Affairs, Veikkaus Oy

Jari Vahanen | Senior Vice President Of International Affairs | Veikkaus Oy » speaking at WGES

Erwin Van Lambaart, CEO, Holland Casino

Alex Vilhena, Enterprise Sales Manager, Iberia, PayPal and Baintree

Magnus Von Zitzewitz, Chief Financial Officer And Executive Board Member, Lotto24 AG

Magnus Von Zitzewitz | Chief Financial Officer And Executive Board Member | Lotto24 AG » speaking at WGES

Rosalind Wade, Managing Director and Co Founder, Asia Gaming Brief

Rosalind Wade | Managing Director and Co Founder | Asia Gaming Brief » speaking at WGES

Helen Walton, Founder And Marketing Director, Gluck Games

Helen Walton | Founder And Marketing Director | Gluck Games » speaking at WGES

Bo Wanghammar, Managing Director Of Pokerstars Casino, TSG Interactive Services Ltd

Bo Wanghammar | Managing Director Of Pokerstars Casino | TSG Interactive Services Ltd » speaking at WGES

Jon Weaver, CEO, Pilot Games

Graham Weir, CEO, Safer Gambling Solutions Ltd.

Mor Weizer, Chief Executive Officer, Playtech

Per Widerstrom, Chief Executive Officer, Fortuna Entertainment

Per Widerstrom | Chief Executive Officer | Fortuna Entertainment » speaking at WGES

Martin Williams, Asia Editor, Gambling Compliance

Martin Williams | Asia Editor | Gambling Compliance » speaking at WGES

Greg Williams, Editor In Chief, Wired Magazine

Greg Williams | Editor In Chief | Wired Magazine » speaking at WGES

Lee Willows, Chief Executive Officer, YGAM

Lee Willows | Chief Executive Officer | YGAM » speaking at WGES

Gillian Wilmot, Chairman, Senet Group

Gillian Wilmot | Chairman | Senet Group » speaking at WGES

Adam Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Bookee

Adam Wilson | Chief Executive Officer | Bookee » speaking at WGES

Russell Yershon, Director, ConnectingBrands.co.uk

Russell Yershon | Director | ConnectingBrands.co.uk » speaking at WGES

Seth Young, Director Of Online Gaming, PointsBet

Seth Young | Director Of Online Gaming | PointsBet » speaking at WGES

Itai Zak, Chief Executive Officer, Go Wild Gaming

Itai Zak | Chief Executive Officer | Go Wild Gaming » speaking at WGES

Tal Zamstein, Group Head Of Gaming, Fortuna Gaming

Tal Zamstein | Group Head Of Gaming | Fortuna Gaming » speaking at WGES

Stav Zilbershtein, CEO, Hyperion Tech





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