Oisin Lunny | Senior Market Development Manager

Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, Independent


World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 1 - 4th July @ 09:50

C’Suite panel: Examining the gaming industry’s next big move - what will generate revenue in 2020?

  • Will it be new markets, new product differentiation or a disruptive technology?
  • What are the most valuable markets of 2018, will these be the same in 2020?
  • How will business models and strategies need to be restructured to meet changing customer demands?
  • How will gambling keep its place when other new entertainment technologies are on the rise?


World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 1 - 4th July @ 11:30

C’Suite panel: Adapting to a world of disruption - How will technology change the face of the gaming industry?

  • In a digital world, how should operators market their brand to attract new types of customers?
  • Emerging technologies: Which technologies will revolutionise the customer experience?
  • Competing on pricing, product and customer services in a changing environment
  • What is the reality of VR and wearable technology in the gaming industry?


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