Nico Jansen | CEO
Bet IT Best GmbH

Nico Jansen, CEO, Bet IT Best GmbH

After finishing his studies of economics and business informatics at the University of Frankfurt and the Stanford University in 2009, Nico joined the IT department for Investment Banking at Commerzbank in Frankfurt and London. In 2012 he left Commerzbank to start Bet IT Best which received the worlds’ first sports betting brokerage license by end of 2016


World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 1 - 4th July @ 15:40

Panel discussion: New advancements in technology for sports betting: What can we expect to see in 5 years’ time?

  • Examining the evolution of AI and Machine learning for a more engaging user-driven experience
  • What influences the investment decision in backing a new technology?
  • AI, bots and wearable’s; how are these being utilised commercially
  • Overcoming concerns associated with new technology adoption
  • Meeting the regulations requirements with the likes of blockchain technology

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