Mike O'Donohue | Chief Data Officer

Mike O'Donohue, Chief Data Officer, Camelot

Mike is the Chief Data Officer at Camelot, the operator of the UK's National Lottery.  He is responsible for strategy, analytics and data management.  Mike has spent the last twenty years working at the intersection of psychology, strategy and data.  Prior to Camelot he worked at British Gas, Tesco and McKinsey & Co.  He has a PhD in psychology and statistics.


Lottery Focus Day - 3rd July @ 09:40

Using advanced analytics to support operations

  • Examining the size of the global lottery market and how it has grown in the past 5 years
  • Analysing the application of a more holistic approach to marketing across channels
  • How can advanced analytics be applied to make better-informed decisions?
  • What else must be done to move the lottery industry forward?


World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 1 - 4th July @ 15:40

Panel Discussion: Using advanced data and analytics to increase player longevity

  • How can CRM data generate real time and targeted adverts?
  • How can data be used to create personal interactions with each customer?
  • Which data should be collected to get accurate insight on our new customers?
  • Addressing security issues associated with data collection

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