Lars Lien | Co-Founder & CEO

Lars Lien, Co-Founder & CEO, Luckbox


World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 2 - 5th July @ 11:30

Panel discussion:  The future of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry

  • What does the Initial Coin Offering marketplace tell us about where crypto is headed?
  • How will the tide of legislation in licensed jurisdictions impact the future of crypto in gaming?
  • How is cryptocurrency growing in acceptance and awareness?
  • What is place does crypto currency have in a global marketplace full of liquidity and anonymity?

World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 2 - 5th July @ 12:00

Building-out crypto utilities and functionalities in a gambling context

  • Understanding the advantages of raising capital through bitcoin over other more traditional avenues
  • Using crypto utilities to enhance the customer engagement in E-sports
  • Incorporating crowdsales into our offering: Benefits and challenges
  • Using blockchain technology for a secure and transparent customer experience

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