Jari Vahanen | Senior Vice President of International Business Development
Veikkaus Oy

Jari Vahanen, Senior Vice President of International Business Development, Veikkaus Oy

Jari Vähänen has long and wide experience from gambling and lottery industry. He has worked in that business since 1992 in many different positions mainly in Veikkaus, the Finnish National Lottery, but also in Horse Betting company.
He has been among other things responsible for finance, horse betting, sports betting, marketing, product development, internet & mobile business, international affairs and business, business development and strategy at the company level. He has also worked as CEO for a while both in Horse Betting company and in Veikkaus Solutions (international subsidiary of Veikkaus).
Nowadays he works as Senior Vice President of International Business Development in Veikkaus.


Lottery Focus Day - 3rd July @ 10:10

Panel Discussion: How are lotteries modernising to meet the expectations of the next generation?

  • How can lotteries prepare to engage millennials and generation Z players?
  • Which new technologies are on the horizon that will have the biggest impact on the industry?
  • What is happening in other sectors that the lottery industry can learn from?
  • Attraction vs retention: Which should the lottery industry prioritise as they modernise?

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