Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño | COO
Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos

Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño, COO, Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos


WGES Main day 1 - 4th July @ 15:00

Panel discussion: Envisioning the casino floor of tomorrow: How are offerings set to develop or change?

  • Moving beyond gaming: How can casinos incorporate other services into their offering
  • How will new customer habits and behaviours change the casino floor of tomorrow?
  • What technology should casinos be investing in?
  • What is the potential for VR or AI on the casino floor?

WGES Main day 1 - 4th July @ 15:30

New technologies, tools and concepts to improve the land based casino experience

  • The design of new physical spaces more directed to the younger crowd
  • The potential impact of skill based gameson gaming revenues and on casino floor design
  • The role of cryptocurrencies on brick and mortar resorts
  • Virtual reality lounges and how to make a profit from them
  • Integration of digital technologies with physical operations (Live Gaming – Social Casinos – Casino Apps

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