Barcelona, 3 - 5 July 2018


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Jul 408:30
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Keynote interview: Inspiration from an industry leader


Exclusive interview with Brian Mattingley, Chairman of 888 Holdings where he will discuss his experience of the industry so far and his predictions for the future.
Interviewee: Brian Mattingley, Chairman, 888 Casino
Jul 409:20
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Keynote interview: Becoming an industry investor

Exclusive interview with Mark Blandford, Founder, Sportingbet about how to make the right investment decisions in a rapidly changing industry
Interviewee: Mark Blandford, Founder, Sportingbet
Jul 409:40
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Successful consolidation: Delivering value from M&A

  • Understanding the leading M&A deals of 2017 that have transformed the industry
  • The drivers for M&A: Increasing regulations, new tax regimes, technological innovation
  • The impact of ever growing competition on M&A trends and activity
  • Predicting deals for 2018: Forecasting a new wave of consolidation
Shay Segev, Chief Operating Officer, GVC Holdings
Jul 410:00
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Sponsor: Combining online and offline brands to drive revenue

  • Understanding the full picture of customer activity across online and offline channels
  • First steps in developing and executing an exciting combined experience
  • Building advanced attribution models to see how channels can work together
  • The benefit of being able to follow individual journeys across online and offline channels
Jul 411:20
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C’Suite panel: Examining the gaming industry’s next big move - what will generate revenue in 2020?

  • Will it be new markets, new product differentiation or a disruptive technology?
  • What are the most valuable markets of 2018, will these be the same in 2020?
  • How will business models and strategies need to be restructured to meet changing customer demands?
  • How will gambling keep its place when other new entertainment technologies are on the rise?

Moderator: Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist, OpenMarket
Werner Becher, CEO, Interwetten
Gavin Hamilton, CEO, Red Tiger Gaming
Jesper Karrbrink, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Green Limited
Jul 412:00
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C’Suite panel: Adapting to a world of disruption - How will technology change the face of the gaming industry?

  • In a digital world, how should operators market their brand to attract new types of customers?
  • Emerging technologies: Which technologies will revolutionise the customer experience?
  • Competing on pricing, product and customer services in a changing environment
  • What is the reality of VR and wearable technology in the gaming industry?

John Coleman, Chief Financial Officer, Microgaming
Marcus Brennan, Chief Executive Officer, Betbright
Mor Weizer, Chief Executive Officer, Playtech
Keith Laslop, Founder, Jackpotjoy Plc
Jul 414:10
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Panel discussion: Emerging technology outside of the gaming industry: What can we learn from outsiders about technology adoption?

New Technologies

  • Which industries have or are being disrupted and who are the disruptors?
  • Which technology challenges have some industries faced that the gaming industry might face shortly?
  • What should the gambling industry be doing, who should it be learning from if it is not to go the way of the Kodak’s and Woolworths of this world?
  • Assessing new payment methods
Sean Keogh, Chief Product Officer, Mybet
Mike Halsall, Chairman, dysruptLabs
Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures, Kindred Group
Steven Grech, Co Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Product Officer, Yako Casino
Jul 414:10
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Panel discussion:  Your new sports betting customer: Keeping pace with the customer expectations and driving user engagement

Sports betting
  • New customers and new expectations - how can sports betting attract and retain tomorrow’s player?
  • How is digitization is changing customer behavior?
  • We might have missed the millennials, but how can we engage Gen Z in sports betting?
  • Successful loyalty programs – what’s working where?
Giovanni Garrisi, Executive Chairman and Owner, Stanleybet International Ltd
Carlo Di Maio, Sportsbook Director, Eurobet Italia
James Garmston, CEO, EasyOdds
Jul 414:10
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Panel discussion: Integrated resorts and casinos around the world: new markets and new opportunities

Resorts and casinos
  • Which regions are on the rise and which are at risk of slow down?
  • What will be the extent of casino success in Japan?
  • What impact will Japan have on the rest of Asia, and the world?
  • Creating compelling attractions without investing beyond revenue potential

Peter Hoetzinger, Co CEO, Century Casinos Inc
Wolfgang Bliem, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Casino Luzern Ag
Phillippa Garty, Head Of Marketing, Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City
Tim Shepherd, Co-Founder, Silver Heritage Group
Jul 414:10
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Panel discussion: Panel discussion: Did the gambling industry miss the millennials? What can we do to ensure we reach Gen Z?

The new customer
  • Which gaming verticals succeeded in engaging millennials and which failed?
  • How can the gaming industries learn from other industries when looking to engage Gen Z?
  • What does Gen Z look expect your brand to be?
  • What channels must companies be present in to accurately attract new gamers?
Itai Zak, CEO, Go Wild Gaming
John Gordon, CEO, Premier Punt
Bernard Marantelli, Chief Executive Officer, Colossus Bets
Alexander Stevendahl, CEO, VideoSlots
Jul 415:00
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Panel discussion: Examining the reality of next generation technology in the gaming industry: What is its real potential?

New Technologies
  • How is VR currently being used and what can we anticipate in the next 2 years?
  • What is the potential of AI in gaming?
  • Machine learning initiatives in gaming: Who’s using it best?
  • Meeting the regulations and meeting responsible gaming requirements
Moderator: Melissa Blau, Director, iGaming Captial
Alexandre Tomic, Co-Founder and CEO, Alea Digital
Jose Antonio Esteban Sanchez, CTO, Codere
Michael Pedersen, CEO and Co-founder,
Jul 415:00
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Panel discussion: New advancements in technology for sports betting: What can we expect to see in 5 years’ time?

Sports betting
  • Examining the evolution of AI and Machine learning for a more engaging user-driven experience
  • What influences the investment decision in backing a new technology?
  • AI, bots and wearable’s; how are these being utilised commercially
  • Overcoming concerns associated with new technology adoption
Veiko Krunberg, Managing Director, Olympic Entertainment Group
Jens Nielsen, Head of Sportsbook, Danske Spil
Rory Anderson, Consultant, 12Bet
Jul 415:00
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Panel discussion: Envisioning the casino floor of tomorrow: How are offerings set to develop or change?

Resorts and casinos
  • Moving beyond gaming: How can casinos incorporate other services into their offering
  • How will new customer habits and behaviours change the casino floor of tomorrow?
  • What technology should casinos be investing in?
  • What is the potential for VR or AI on the casino floor?
Moderator: Jason Frost, President, Euromat
Simon Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, The Hippodrome Casino
Georg Tsonoulis, General Manager, Casino, Casino Sunborn Super Yacht Gibraltar
Laurent Lassiaz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Joa Groupe
Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño, COO, Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos
Américo Loureiro, Gaming Director, Solverde
Jul 415:00
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Panel Discussion: Using advanced data and analytics to increase player longevity

The new customer
  • How can CRM data generate real time and targeted adverts?
  • How can data be used to create personal interactions with each customer?
  • Which data should be collected to get accurate insight on our new customers?
  • Addressing security issues associated with data collection
Heather Cooper, Chief Player Officer, Casumo
Irina Cornides, CEO, Jackpotjoy Division, Jackpotjoy Plc
Jan Teichmann, Head of Data Innovation, Rank Group
Andy Walton, Head of Core Products, Sky Betting and Gaming
Jul 415:30
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Facebook: Leveraging Machine Learning to Drive Business Results

New Technologies
  • Move beyond proxy metrics to business results
  • Leverage machine learning to find the right people
  • Use what you know about your current customers to find new customers
Finbarr O'Mahony, Head of Real Money Gaming and Social Casino EMEA, Facebook
Jul 415:30
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Gamification of sports betting: The next step

Sports betting
  • What happens to a bookmaker when pricing is no longer a differentiator?
  • Is knowledge of psychology more important than knowledge of football to a modern bookmaker?
  • How have our customers evolved and what do customers really want?
  • How do we give everybody VIP treatment?
Jamie Hart, Managing Director, Superbet
Jul 415:30
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New technologies, tools and concepts to improve the land based casino experience

Resorts and casinos
  • The design of new physical spaces more directed to the younger crowd
  • The potential impact of skill based gameson gaming revenues and on casino floor design
  • The role of cryptocurrencies on brick and mortar resorts
  • Virtual reality lounges and how to make a profit from them
  • Integration of digital technologies with physical operations (Live Gaming – Social Casinos – Casino Apps
Francisco Javier Vidal Caamaño, COO, Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos
Jul 415:30
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Branding, loyalty programs and customer retention

The new customer
  • How can existing approaches to driving repeat visitation benefit from deeper understanding of customer needs
  • Matching customer preferences to your brand and ways in which this can be achieved
  • Putting customer needs at the core of your loyalty programme
Yuri Cameron, Director, Gaming Analytics, Caesar's Entertainment
Jul 416:30
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Roundtable discussions

Succeeding in competitive Markets
Lorena Torregrosa Auzmendi, COO, Luckia Entertainment

Capitalising on gaming Tourism
Hrvoje Vincetić,Managing Director,Casino Adriatic

Betting in Kenya
Imran Premji, CEO, Safaribet

Gaming in Latin America
Francisco Javier Caamano, COO, Sortis and Golden Lion Casinos

Securing online gaming – best practise and global market insights
Justin Cosnett
, Head of Solution Architecture, Continent8

Integrating eSports into your offering
Benjamin Föckersperger, Chief Esports Officer,

The impact of using third party data assets in automating Problem Gambling, AML and Source of Funds processes
Andrew Davies, Product Director, Pay360

All-In-Diversity: Building the business case for diversity at every level in gaming
Christina Thakor-Rankin, Co-Founder, All-In-Diversity Project

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Jul 510:00
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Chairperson opening remarks

William Scott, Director, Warrenside
Jul 510:10
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C’suite panel: Casino innovation from Asia - opportunities for the global gaming market

  • Examining the rise of VIP gaming trends in Macau and how this will impact the global gaming market
  • What can be learnt from how the Philippines are staying competitive as a global gaming and tourist destination?
  • Making sense of the changes to the Japanese market: How much could this be worth?
  • Reimagining the casino experience: How are regional casinos maximising profit and tapping into non-gaming amenities in Asia?
Moderator: Rosalind Wade, Managing Director, Asia Gambling Brief
Rhys Jones, Managing Director, HaTien Vegas Entertainment Resort
Angel Sueiro, COO, The Emerald Resort
Jul 510:40
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CEO Panel: The future of sports betting: What will the industry look like in 2030?

  • What are the latest innovations in customer engagement methods?
  • Is social betting the next big thing? What does it mean for the traditional market?
  • In-house vs external sportsbook; Is it all about the best prices/trading rates?
  • How can the industry embrace the eSport opportunity?
Sergey Portnov, Chief Executive Officer, Parimatch
Richard Carter, CEO, SBTech
Tyrone Dobbin, Managing Director, Sportingbet South Africa
Gustaf Hagman, CEO and Co-Founder, Leo Vegas
Jul 511:30
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Panel Discussion: Traits of the eSport customer: What differentiates them from the traditional player?

New ways to play
  • Which characteristics do esports players have that others don’t?
  • Which demographics do esports appeal to and is this changing?
  • Esports around the world: Who is doing it well?
  • Where are the investment opportunities: Which areas are most likely to succeed in esports?
Moderator: Benjamin Fockersperger, CEO,
Jamieson Selby, VP Games, Bspot
Ben Bradtke, Co-Founder and MD,
Scott Burton, CEO,
Michael Doyle, CMO, PVP.ME
Jul 511:30
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Panel discussion:  The future of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry

  • What does the Initial Coin Offering marketplace tell us about where crypto is headed?
  • How will the tide of legislation in licensed jurisdictions impact the future of crypto in gaming?
  • How is cryptocurrency growing in acceptance and awareness?
  • What is place does crypto currency have in a global marketplace full of liquidity and anonymity?
Moderator: Becky Liggero, Lead On-Site Reporter,
Lars Lien, Co-Founder & CEO, Luckbox
Nick Garner, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Oshi Casino
Jul 511:30
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Panel discussion: Delivering successful brand engagement across multiple channels: What works and where?

Brand engagement and personalisation
  • What can we learn from other industries about delivering successful brand engagement?
  • How can we use data analytics to enhance brand engagement?
  • Solidifying your company’s values to create a successful brand
  • How do you know when its time for a company rebrand?
Raphael Kalogeropoulos, CEO, WISH ME LUCK LTD.
John Gordon, CEO, Premier Punt
Maria Boelius, CEO, Cashmio
Shane Stafford, Head of Brand, BetVictor
Jul 512:00
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Sponsor: Understanding player psychology to deliver profit

New ways to play
  • Creating a visually appealing experience with top quality games
  • Incorporating multi-channel into your offering for a better user experience
  • How does your customer want to play: Understanding player dynamics?
  • Pushing gaming limits with cutting edge graphics
Jul 512:00
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Building-out crypto utilities and functionalities in a gambling context

  • Understanding the advantages of raising capital through bitcoin over other more traditional avenues
  • Using crypto utilities to enhance the customer engagement in E-sports
  • Incorporating crowdsales into our offering: Benefits and challenges
  • Using blockchain technology for a secure and transparent customer experience
Lars Lien, Co-Founder & CEO, Luckbox
Jul 512:00
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Sponsor: Branding strategies for tomorrow’s customer 

Brand engagement and personalisation
  • The importance of focusing on branding strategies in your CRM campaign
  • Conducting in-depth market and customer research to establish brand message
  • Maintaining important industry relations and PR communications
  • Ensuring long term strategic development of brand, which aligns with your customer base
Jul 512:20
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Panel Discussion: Fantasy sports around the world: What is working and where?

New ways to play
  • New customers and new markets: Where is the potential for DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)?
  • Customer demographics: Who is more likely to play? Why?
  • Are we really about to see a social revolution in gaming?
  • What does DFS have to offer to the igaming industry?
Valery Bollier, Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder, Oulala Games Ltd
Hampus Hagglof, CEO, FSport
Ross McCall, Co-Founder & CEO, MatchDay Fantasy
Jindřich Rajchl, CEO, Funtasy sports
Jeffrey Haas, Chief International Officer, Draft Kings Inc
Jul 512:20
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Panel discussion: Incorporating blockchain technology into your gaming platforms

  • How can blockchain be used for gaming mechanics and identity?
  • How is blockchain technology transforming the conventional gaming industry for the better?
  • Providing safety and credibility to players and operators
  • Using blockchain technology to widen your customer base by making your product available to everyone regardless of region
Jedidiah Taylor, Founder, CEO, Decent.Bet
Vasily Polynov, Head of Communications, TrueFlip
Jimmy Nguyen, CEO, nChain
Jul 512:20
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Panel Discussion: Personalisation: What’s the real value and what do customers make of it all?

Brand engagement and personalisation
  • How can data analytics be used to understand what type of content your target audience wants?
  • How can you make conclusion from specific customer behaviour to build unique profiles for them?
  • Customer perspective: collecting feedback from your customers to understand what they want from it all

Jonathan Swerdlow, Chief Executive Officer, Gamytech
Charles Gillespie, Group Chief Executive Officer, Group
Dusan Zuza, Chief Marketing Officer, Superbet
Jul 512:50
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How to launch your product in a new marketplace and jurisdiction

New ways to play
  • How to work with regulators and lawmakers to educate them on your product to successfully launch in that jurisdiction
  • From a global perspective, how much operators tailor their product to appeal locally (thinking sports, currency, payment options, UI, etc.)?
  • What regulatory tweaks have you considered when looking at your next jurisdictions?
Jeffrey Haas, Chief International Officer, Draft Kings Inc
Jul 512:50
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Bitcoin Cash: A Win for the iGaming Industry

  • Why Bitcoin Cash represents the true vision of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash
  • Massive on-chain scaling future of Bitcoin Cash
  • Payment system benefits from using Bitcoin Cash
  • New applications and functionality for the iGaming industry
Jimmy Nguyen, CEO, nChain
Jul 512:50
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Taking a scientific approach to marketing to truly understand your customer

Brand engagement and personalisation
  • Using neurological testing to understand customer reactions to TV advertising
  • What are the main objectives to taking the marketing as a science approach?
  • How has a measurable marketing approach benefited Eurobet Italia so far?
  • Adapting advertising strategies in light of new findings
Alexis Grigoriadis, Director of Online Marketing, Eurobet Italia Srl
Jul 514:10
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Launching a single wallet across multiple channels to improve the customer experience


Jonathan Pettemerides, Director of Multi-Channel, Rank Group
Jul 514:30
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Panel Discussion: Successful omni-channel strategies that will work profitably with today’s connected customer

  • How should strategies be restructured to provide a seamless omni-channel experience?
  • How can companies gain a detailed 360-degree perspective of their customer’s habits?
  • What is the preferred betting experience of in-play betting and how can it be achieved?
  • Which new technologies are available that support omni-channel initiatives?

Moderator: Christina Thakor-Rankin, Founder, All-in Diversity Project
Alexander Martin, Member of the Board, Gauselmann AG
Alberto Eljarrat, Managing Director, Sportium Apuestas Deportivas Sa
Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani, Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder, Sporty Bet
Jul 515:00
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Unlocking the power of mobile gaming

  • Significant success factors in mobile gaming to date
  • Targeting new customers: How does the mobile gamer differ from the traditional?
  • What is on the horizon for mobile gaming: Where will it be in 2025?
  • Examining product challenges associated with mobile gaming
Jul 515:30
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Close of Conference and Beach Drinks

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