Pre-Day 1: Regulation- Tuesday 3rd July 2018 


09.30 Chairperson’s remarks
09.40 Keynote address: Europe’s gaming outlook for 2018
  • The status of online and offline gambling and key developments that are expected 
  • European markets facing the most significant changes in regulation in 2018
  • Update on Anti-Money Laundering and latest developments in administration cooperation
  • Compliance national gambling rules with the European law.
10.00 Approaching Asia: Understanding the gaming opportunity 
  • What impact will casinos in Japan have on the rest of the Asian region?
  • What are the opportunities for igaming in Asia and where are they?
  • The rapid growth of social gaming in Asia: How much is this market worth?
  • Responsible gambling in Asia and managing the industry’s negative impact
10.20 Sponsor: Gaming law in 2018: What’s on the horizon for operators?
  • Update on the legal landscape: What has changed over the past 12 months?
  • The importance of corporate governance and brand protection
  • Creating a consumer protection framework for online licenced operators
10.40 Networking Break


11.20 The future of sports betting: The marketplace 
  • Sports betting around the world: Which markets are on the rise?
  • The rapid growth of eSports and its impact on the sports betting market
  • New technologies in sports betting and the reality of blockchain 
  • Predictions for 2020: Who are the bookmakers of the future? 
11.40 Sponsor: Adopting a risk based approach to regulation in sports betting
  • An evolving industry: trends in sports betting regulation over 20 years
  • Local vs global sports betting regulation
  • Cross-border business models: Increased dual and multiple regulation
  • Advantages and disadvantages with adopting a risk based approach
12.00 Panel Discussion: Sports betting in the US: Embracing the challenges of a changing industry
  • When will sports betting become more broadly legal in the US? Where?
  • Which states are poised to legalise sport betting?
  • What are the status of discussions in the US Congress?
  • What type of regulatory framework will be implemented in the coming years?
  • Which opportunities are available right not for business to enter the US market?
12.30 Networking Lunch


13.30 Best Practices for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Money laundering risks associated with the online gambling industry
  • The nature of Anti-Money Laundering controls to mitigate risks
  • How do required controls work together with the wider regulatory requirements?
  • Emerging challenges including new payment methods
13.50 Sponsor: Protecting your customers and their data
  • Analyse data protection culture within the online gambling business
  • Considering data protection as a company-wide responsibility
  • Staying on top of encryption practices to stay ahead of cyber criminals
  • Focus on how the industry should approach data protection failings going forward


14.10 The impact of new technology on responsible gaming and CSR
  • Innovation and change: Technology drivers and implication for gambling
  • The impact of new players and gaming trends on responsible gambling
  • Responsible gaming issues associated with introducing new systems, content and platforms 
  • Staying competitive in a business environment with a strong CSR framework
14.30 Panel discussion: Responsible gaming initiatives and issues around the world
  • Creating compelling business cases for implementing responsible gaming initiatives
  • How do issues vary depending on culture and region?
  • Which risky customer habits are on the rise and how are these being recognised?
  • Making the distinction between customer loyalty and problem gambling
15.10 Break
15.40 Round-the-world roundtables








Latin America

16.30 End of Regulation day
18.00 Drinks on the beach
19.30 Depart for boat cruise

Pre-Day 2: Lotteries - Tuesday 3rd July 2018 


09.30 Chairperson’s remarks
09.40 Setting the global lottery outlook for 2018
  • Examining the size of the global lottery market and how it has grown in 2017
  • Latest developments in regulation of lotteries in major markets
  • Regulatory developments for multi-jurisdictional games and the challenges today
  • Lottery regulation around the world: Where are the new opportunities
10.00 Examining the future lottery landscape: How is the lottery sector forecast to grow?
  • The impact of new technology and innovation on the sector: Challenges and opportunities
  • Adapting to a multi-channel environment to survive in the digital age
  • The industry view of moving to connected devices and the impact on revenue
  • Developing online and mobile propositions where regulation permits
10.20 Sponsor: Providing the richest customer experience, irrespective of hardware or location
  • How have customer expectations changed over the past 5 years? 
  • The power of mobile and its importance in meeting next generation expectations
  • First steps involved in developing and executing a successful digital experience
  • Preparing for the social revolution: What must you do today?
10.40 Networking Break


11.20 Preparing the customer of tomorrow: Expectations and habits
  • Which generalisations can we make about millennials and gen Z?
  • Which other ways should we look at to segment our customer base?
  • Understanding how new demographics will engage with the industry
  • New channels to be considered to accurately attract new players
11.40 Sponsor: Harnessing the power of personalisation
  • What are the predictions for how personalisation is forecast to grow towards 2020?
  • Using personalisation to engage customers and increase loyalty
  • Getting personalisation right from design to implementation: Key considerations
  • Latest developments in technologies that support personalisation
12.00 Panel Discussion: How are lotteries modernising to meet the expectations of the next generation?
  • How can lotteries prepare to engage millennials and generation Z players?
  • Which new technologies are on the horizon that will have the biggest impact on the industry?
  • What is happening in other sectors that the lottery industry can learn from?
  • Attraction vs retention: Which should the lottery industry prioritise as they modernise?
12.30 Lunch


13.30 Examining the impact of digitalisation on the lottery industry
  • Introducing a marketplace without barriers where customers have more options
  • How must the global lottery industry become more competitive?
  • Digitalisation of lottery tickets and its implications for corruption and cheating
  • Looking to the future: How can local lotteries compete with foreign games?
13.50 Sponsor: Cutting through the noise of digital disruption
  • Opportunities and challenges of digitalisation
  • How do lotteries need to change to adjust to new challenges?
  • Navigating through the noise of digitalisation to gain desired outcomes
  • The good and the bad of disruptive business
14.10 Going mobile to increase revenue yields
  • Benefits and challenges of mobile in the lottery sector
  • Targeting and attracting new customers from different demographics
  • Increasing revenue from existing customer base through mobile
15.10 Break
15.40 Lotteries around the world roundtables




Latin America



 South Africa


16.30 End of lottery focus day
18.00 Drinks on the beach
19.30 Depart for boat cruise 

DAY ONE – Wednesday 4th July 2018

08:30 Registration commences, welcome refreshments served


09.15  Chairperson opening remarks  
09.20 Keynote address: Adapting our strategy to succeed in the digital world
  • Key drivers and reasons for undergoing a significant strategy review
  • Seizing the opportunity of a multi-channel environment to generate revenue
  • Using digitalisation to engage with new audiences and increase the customer base
  • Capitalising on a hyper-connected world and staying at the top of everyone’s mind
09.40 Continuing momentum in a world of disruption
  • Investing on marketing our brand to attract new types of customers
  • Competing on pricing, product and customer services in a changing environment
  • Maintaining a relentless focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectation
  • Approaching future opportunities with a strong sense of confidence
10.00 Sponsor: Combining online and offline brands to drive revenue
  • Understanding the full picture of customer activity across online and offline channels
  • First steps in developing and executing an exciting combined experience
  • Building advanced attribution models to see how channels can work together
  • The benefit of being able to follow individual journeys across online and offline channels 
10:20 Morning break - Refreshments served, exhibition viewing


11:20 CEO Panel: Examining the gaming industry’s next big move - what will generate revenue in 2020?
  • Will it be new markets, new product differentiation or a disruptive technology?
  • What are the most valuable markets of 2018, will these be the same in 2020?
  • How will business models and strategies need to be restructured to meet changing customer demands? 
  • How will gambling keep its place when other new entertainment technologies are on the rise?
11.50 Sponsor: Industry consolidation - M&A Activity and trends 
  • Understanding the leading M&A deals of 2017 that have transformed the industry
  • The drivers for M&A: Increasing regulations, new tax regimes, technological innovation
  • The impact of ever growing competition on M&A trends and activity
  • Predicting deals for 2018: Forecasting a new wave of consolidation
12.10 C’Suite panel: How will next generation technology change the face of the gaming industry?
  • How does artificial intelligence be incorporated into company strategy?
  • Is VR becoming a prerequisite for successful customer experience?
  • The rise of wearable technology in gaming: Who is doing it best? 
  • The reality of blockchain: What has it done for the industry so far?
12.40 Networking Lunch


New Technologies

Betting/Sports Betting

Resorts/Land-based casinos

Customer Stream

Payments Workshop

Blockchain Workshop

This workshop will examine how the gaming sector has been using payment technology to provide a smooth and secure customer experience
This workshop will introduce Blockchain technology and its application in the gaming industry. Specifically, its implications in energizing the existing gaming platform and business models.
14.10 Using VR to engage the next generation 14.10 Using CSR to change the public perception of sports betting 14.10 Envisioning the casino floor of tomorrow: How are offerings set to change? 14.10 Using behavioural economics to undertsand your customer's habits and expectations.
14.30 Sponsor: Harnessing the power of blockchain in gaming 14.30 Sponsor: Understanding your sports betting customer 14.30 Sponsor: Making slots more exciting- embracing the latest innovations 14.30 Sponsor: Using AI to enhance relationships and increase customer retention

AI and Wearable Technologies

Future of Sports Betting

New Opportunities

Customer Loyalty

14.50 Panel discussion: How will AI and data science influence the future of gambling? 14.50 Panel discussion: The future of sports betting: What will the industry look like in 2030? 14.50 Panel discussion: Integrated resorts and casinos around the world: new markets and new opportunities 14.50 Panel Discussion: Using data and analytics to increase player longevity
15:20 Gaming and wearable technology: Creating the ultimate virtual experience 15:20 Gamification of sports betting: The next step 15:20 Gamification of sports betting: The next step 15:20: Skill based slots and their role in the future of casinos 15:20 Technological advancements that are driving customer loyalty


15.40 Afternoon networking break



16.20 Keynote Presentation: Understanding the future of the eCommerce sector
  • Envisioning the shopping experience of 2030 and the new customer journey
  • Which technological advancements will have the greatest impact on the eCommerce?
  • How will customer habits change, will there be a transformation in the way they spend?
  • Forecasting the payment expectations of the future: Needs, expectations and demands
16.40 Country Roundtables x 9
Macau Ghana Australia
Japan Brazil Russia
Philippines USA UK
17.30 Close of Day 1
19.00 Networking Drinks
20.30 Gala Dinner
22.30  After-party

DAY TWO – Thursday 5th July 2018

09.30  Registration


09.55 Chairperson’s opening remarks
10:00 Japan Focus: Becoming a world leader in gaming   
  • Preparing for casinos in Japan: How much could this market be worth?
  • What will the impact of casinos in Japan be on its online gaming market?
  • Analysing Japanese customer habits and predicting their response to casino gaming
  • Overcoming negative societal impacts and winning public approval
10.20 Building a global empire by adopting a multi-market strategy 
  • Creating a truly diverse business by introducing a multi-market strategy
  • Increasing market share in an ultra-competitive online gambling market
  • Key challenges to consider when entering a new market
  • Plans for the future: Where will we be in 2025?
10.40 Sponsor: Competing for growth in a competitive market  
  • What are the first steps for companies seeking to grow their footprint in new markets?
  • Considering the advantages and disadvantages of markets around the world
  • Regulation challenges and opportunities on the horizon for the industry
  • Staying competitive by ensuring strong positioning prior to regulation 
11.00 Short morning networking break

Customer stream

New ways to play

Property and real Estate

Cyber security workshop Customer loyalty workshop
CUSTOMER TRENDS FANTASY SPORTS DEVELOPING MARKETS This workshop will cover cybersecurity related topics such as an overview of the latest trends in cybersecurity; a closer look at the unique challenges faced by the gaming industry; and How to best prepare for an attack. This workshop will provide gaming leaders with an opportunity to develop a successful approach to customer service excellence. The workshop will incorporate views of leaders from other sectors who are doing loyalty particularly well.
11.20 Panel Discussion: New customers and new expectations: How can operators attract and retain tomorrow’s player? 11.20 Panel Discussion: Fantasy sports around the world: What is working and where? 11.20 Panel Discussion: Examining the rapid evolution of casino’s in Asia
11.40 Sponsor: Branding strategies for tomorrow’s customer 11.40 Sponsor: Using blockchain technology to drive the fantasy sport industry forward 11.40 Sponsor: Staying ahead of the curve: Creating a seamless entertainment offering 
12.00 Panel Discussion: 
Personalisation: What’s the real value and what do customers make of it all?
12.00 Panel Discussion: Traits of the eSport customer: What differentiates them from the traditional player? 12.00 Panel discussion: What design methods should be considered to prepare for changing customer profiles?
12.30 Enhancing customer engagement through better communication 12.30 Driving millennial engagement through the use of social gaming 12.30 Beyond gaming – what is important to tomorrow’s customer?
12.50 Networking Lunch


13.50 Panel Discussion: Successful omni-channel strategies that will work profitably with today’s connected customer
  • How should strategies be restructured to provide a seamless omni-channel experience?
  • How can companies gain a detailed 360-degree perspective of their customer’s habits?
  • What is the preferred betting experience of in-play betting and how can it be achieved?
  • Which new technologies are available that support omni-channel initiatives?
14.20 Unlocking the power of mobile gaming
  • Significant success factors in mobile gaming to date
  • Targeting new customers: How does the mobile gamer differ from the traditional?
  • What is on the horizon for mobile gaming: Where will it be in 2025?
  • Examining product challenges associated with mobile gaming
14.40 Incorporating mobile and wearables into your gaming platform
  • Where to invest: Which technological advancements are set to change the industry?
  • Which platforms have the most potential, and what development is needed?
  • Learning from other industries: Who are doing it best and how?
  • The expectations of the modern consumer and strategies for meeting their new demands
15.10 Closing Keynote: Predicting the global gaming landscape of 2020
  • How is the global gaming landscape forecast to look in 2020?
  • The impact of geopolitical developments on the industry
  • New devices that customers will be using and how this will affect offerings
  • Looking at other sectors to understand the future of the gaming industry better
15.30 Close of Conference
16.00 Beach drinks