Lottery Focus Day - 3rd July


Mike O'Donohue

Using advanced analytics to support operations

  • Examining the size of the global lottery market and how it has grown in the past 5 years
  • Analysing the application of a more holistic approach to marketing across channels
  • How can advanced analytics be applied to make better-informed decisions?
  • What else must be done to move the lottery industry forward?

Richard Fenster

Preparing the customer of tomorrow: Expectations and habits

Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Examining the future lottery landscape: How is the lottery sector forecast to grow?

  • The impact of new technology and innovation on the sector: Challenges and opportunities
  • Adapting to a multi-channel environment to survive in the digital age
  • The industry view of moving to connected devices and the impact on revenue
  • Developing online and mobile propositions where regulation permits

Networking Break


Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: How are lotteries modernising to meet the expectations of the next generation?

  • How can lotteries prepare to engage millennials and generation Z players?
  • Which new technologies are on the horizon that will have the biggest impact on the industry?
  • What is happening in other sectors that the lottery industry can learn from?
  • Attraction vs retention: Which should the lottery industry prioritise as they modernise?

Lotteries around the world roundtables

Lottery regulatory developments in Germany
Carsten Muth, Head of Legal and Compliance, Lotto24Nordic jurisdictions

Lottery regulation in the Nordics
Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority

Pushing of new techniques on the reform of the lottery industry in China
Dr Haiping Chen, Deputy Director, Lottery Research Centre of China

Bringing traditional lotteries into the digital era
Richard Fenster, Director, Corporate Strategy, BCLC

Africa: Lottery Opportunities
William Scott, Director, Warrenside Ltd.




Marcus Geiss

Examining the impact of digitalisation on the lottery industry

  • Threats and opportunities of digitalisation for the lottery industry
  • How to handle a marketplace where customers have more options?
  • How can governmental lottery operators compete with foreign games?
  • A case study: "The German Christmas Lottery"

Yakir Firestane

Going mobile to increase revenue yields

  • Benefits and challenges of mobile in the lottery sector
  • Targeting and attracting new customers from different demographics
  • Increasing revenue from existing customer base through mobile

Michael Brady

Embracing omni-channel to create a seamless customer experience


Networking break

Magnus von Zitzewitz

The relevance of jackpots for lotteries – a deep dive analysis

  • How have customer expectations changed over the past 5 years?
  • The power of mobile and its importance in meeting next generation expectations
  • First steps involved in developing and executing a successful digital experience
  • Preparing for the social revolution: What must you do today?
Panel discussion

Provocative CEO Panel: Online lottery disruptors- customer choice or compromising charity?

  • Are online lotto betting companies bending the rules or pushing the industry forward?
  • Are they following regulations fairly?
  • Lessons learnt from the successes and hurdles of one of the fastest growing online gaming companies
Edmundo Martinho, Chief Executive Officer, Santa Casa da Miserciórdia de Lisboa/Jogos Santa Casa
Helen Walton

Chairperson's closing remarks


End of lottery focus day

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