World Gaming Executive Summit Main day 2 - 5th July


Registration Continues, refreshments served

William Scott

Chairperson opening remarks


Rosalind Wade

Keynote panel: Casino innovation from Asia - opportunities for the global gaming market

  • Examining the rise of VIP gaming trends in Macau and how this will impact the global gaming market
  • What can be learnt from how the Philippines are staying competitive as a global gaming and tourist destination?
  • Making sense of the changes to the Japanese market: How much could this be worth?
  • Reimagining the casino experience: How are regional casinos maximising profit and tapping into non-gaming amenities in Asia?


Panel discussion

C'suite Panel: The future of sports betting: What will the industry look like in 2030?

  • What are the latest innovations in customer engagement methods?
  • Is social betting the next big thing? What does it mean for the traditional market?
  • In-house vs external sportsbook; Is it all about the best prices/trading rates?
  • How can the industry embrace the eSport opportunity?

Networking Break




New ways to play

Panel Discussion: Traits of the eSport customer: What differentiates them from the traditional player?

  • Which characteristics do esports players have that others don’t?
  • Which demographics do esports appeal to and is this changing?
  • Esports around the world: Who is doing it well?
  • Where are the investment opportunities: Which areas are most likely to succeed in esports?

Panel discussion:  The future of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry

  • What does the Initial Coin Offering marketplace tell us about where crypto is headed?
  • How will the tide of legislation in licensed jurisdictions impact the future of crypto in gaming?
  • How is cryptocurrency growing in acceptance and awareness?
  • What is place does crypto currency have in a global marketplace full of liquidity and anonymity?
Brand engagement and personalisation

Panel discussion: Delivering successful brand engagement across multiple channels: What works and where?

  • What can we learn from other industries about delivering successful brand engagement?
  • How can we use data analytics to enhance brand engagement?
  • Solidifying your company’s values to create a successful brand
  • How do you know when its time for a company rebrand?
katie Hemus, Industry Manager, Google
New ways to play

Bridging the Skill vs. Chance Divide: Leveraging skill and chance to expand the player base and acquire new users

  • Are games of skill the one true hope of acquiring Millennial players?
  • Can next generation skill games compete on a revenue per square foot basis?
  • Can skill and chance be woven together to create new content?
  • How do we innovate new content without risking failure?

Building-out crypto utilities and functionalities in a gambling context

  • Understanding the advantages of raising capital through bitcoin over other more traditional avenues
  • Using crypto utilities to enhance the customer engagement in E-sports
  • Incorporating crowdsales into our offering: Benefits and challenges
  • Using blockchain technology for a secure and transparent customer experience
Brand engagement and personalisation

Taking a scientific approach to marketing to truly understand your customer

  • Using neurological testing to understand customer reactions to TV advertising
  • What are the main objectives to taking the marketing as a science approach?
  • How has a measurable marketing approach benefited Eurobet Italia so far?
  • Adapting advertising strategies in light of new findings




New ways to play

Panel Discussion: Fantasy sports around the world: What is working and where?

  • New customers and new markets: Where is the potential for DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)?
  • Customer demographics: Who is more likely to play? Why?
  • Are we really about to see a social revolution in gaming?
  • What does DFS have to offer to the igaming industry?

Panel discussion: Incorporating blockchain technology into your gaming platforms

  • How can blockchain be used for gaming mechanics and identity?
  • Regulative developments: Do’s and don'ts for business and governments
  • Why choose ICO for an igaming project?
  • What's next? Where lead the current efforts?
  • Working with the traditional gamers: why would anyone switch to blockchain?
  • Meeting the regulation requiremements with the likes of blockchain technology
Moderator: Stephen Taylor-Matthews, Blockchain Expert, Independent
Stefan Kovach, CCO, FunFair Technologies
Brand engagement and personalisation

Panel Discussion: Personalisation: What’s the real value and what do customers make of it all?

  • How can data analytics be used to understand what type of content your target audience wants?
  • How can you make conclusion from specific customer behaviour to build unique profiles for them?
  • Customer perspective: collecting feedback from your customers to understand what they want from it all

Gal Thein, Founder, Casino Cruise
New ways to play

How to launch your product in a new marketplace and jurisdiction

  • How to work with regulators and lawmakers to educate them on your product to successfully launch in that jurisdiction
  • From a global perspective, how much operators tailor their product to appeal locally (thinking sports, currency, payment options, UI, etc.)?
  • What regulatory tweaks have you considered when looking at your next jurisdictions?

Future of tokenized game economy: Virtual world economy merging with ‘real world’ Economy

  • Understanding the key feature of apps on blockchain as their code execution: it’s executed from a distributed network of servers, instead of 1 server
  • The blockchain technology has key benefits for the game providers that could change the entire industry from both operator and gamer perspective 
  • These benefits in gaming industry can be applied creating: transparent betting platforms, games with real virtual economies with digital asset ownership, etc
The new customer

Putting the need for speed at the heart of your mobile strategy

  • With so much choice, customers won't accept a bad mobile experience
  • What can creators do to ensure they stay ahead of the competition?
  • What factors should brands look at when considering speed?

Networking Lunch


Christina Thakor-Rankin

Diversity, Equality and inclusion: Cracking the millennial market

  • From Millennials to ‘Snowflakes’: How can organisational diversity attract new generations of customers?
  • The impact of diversity on risk, reputation, and revenue
  • The challenges of building a diverse business
  • The solutions: How are gaming companies overcoming these challenges?
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Successful omni-channel strategies that will work profitably with today’s connected customer

  • How should strategies be restructured to provide a seamless omni-channel experience?
  • How can companies gain a detailed 360-degree perspective of their customer’s habits?
  • What is the preferred betting experience of in-play betting and how can it be achieved?
  • Which new technologies are available that support omni-channel initiatives?


End of conference

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