Mr Ahmed Al Marhoon, Director General, Muscat Securities Market

Mr Rashid Bin Ali Al-Mansoori, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Stock Exchange

Mr Oivind Amundsen, Executive Vice President Primary Market and Legal Affairs, Oslo Bors

Mr Robert Ansari, Executive Director & Head of the Middle East Client Coverage Team, MSCI

Keisuke Arai, Chief Representative in Europe, Japan Exchange Group

Mr Haroon Askari, Deputy Managing Director, Karachi Stock Exchange

Mr Haroon Askari at World Exchange Congress 2017

Ahmad S. R. Aweidah, Chief Executive Officer, The Palestine Exchange (PEX)

Mr Nader Azar, Chief Executive Officer, Chair of AFE, Amman Stock Exchange

Mr Mustafa Baltaci, Secretary General, Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges

Mr Rajeeva Bandaranaike, CEO, Colombo Stock Exchange

Mr Sunil Benimadhu, CEO, Stock Exchange Of Mauritius

Koko Bola Onadele, Managing Director & CEO, FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange

Mr Christoph Boschan, Chief Executive Officer, Wiener Borse

Mr Muammer Cakir, Adviser - Derivatives Markerts, London Stock Exchange

Mr Muammer Cakir at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr Steven Chan, President, Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society

Mr Paul Constantinou, Advisor to the Board, Association of Futures Markets

Mr Goncalo De Vasconcelos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SyndicateRoom

Mr Paweł Dziekoński, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Balazs Fejes, Senior Vice President for Co for Head Global Business, E.P.A.M.

Ms Deborah Fuhr, Managing Director - Global Head of E.T.F. Research, E.T.F. GI

Mr Alan Gandelman, Chief Executive Officer, ATS Brasil

Ms Ivana Gazic, Chief Executive Officer, Zagreb Stock Exchange

Tony Hung, Executive Director, C.C.B.I.

Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor, Astana International Financial Centre

Dr Fadi Khalaf, Secretary General, Arab Federation of Exchanges

Mr Parveen Kumar Singhal, President & Whole Time Director, Multi Commodity Exchange Of India

Tarik Kurbegović, CEO, Sarajevo Stock Exchange

Tarik Kurbegović at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr Muhammad Lukman, Chief Executive Officer, National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited

Mr Steven Maijoor, Chair, European Securities and Markets Authority

Gojko Maksimovic, CEO, Montenegro Stock Exchange

Mr Mehdi Manaa, Head of Market Infrastructure Development Division & T2S Programme Manager, European Central Bank

Mr Hassan Manik, CEO, Maldives Stock Exchange

Mr Moremi Marwa, Chief Executive Officer, Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange

György Matolcsy, Governor, The Central Bank of Hungary

György Matolcsy at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr David Mercer, CEO, LMAX Exchange

Mr Nondas Cl. Metaxas, Director General-Chief Executive Officer, Cyprus Stock Exchange

Mr Hirander Misra, Chief Executive Officer, Global Markets Exchange Group

Mr Frank Mohr, Head of ETF Sales Trading, Commerzbank International S A

Mr Frank Mohr at World Exchange Congress 2017

Dr Mohamed Omran, Chairman, Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, Executive Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange

Mr Rafael Plata, Secretary General, European Association of C.C.P. Clearing Houses

Mr Rafael Plata at World Exchange Congress 2017

Stephan Pouyat, Global Head of Capital Markets, Euroclear

Sergey Putyatinskiy, Chief Information Officer, National Settlement Depository

Joti Rana, Head of Governance and Policy, Americas, F.T.S.E. Russell

Joti Rana at World Exchange Congress 2017

Senior Representative, , Nasdaq Group

Senior Representative at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr Rainer Riess, Director General, Federation of European Securities Exchanges

Pete Rizzo, Editor, US, CoinDesk

Brian Roberts, Senior Vice President, Head of ETFs, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Brian Roberts at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr Pierre Celestin Rwabukumba, Chief Executive Officer, Rwanda Stock Exchange

Dr Luca Schenk, Chief Executive Officer, Bx Berne Exchange

Dr Luca Schenk at World Exchange Congress 2017

Honghee Shin, Executive Director, Global Business, KRX

Ms Monica Singer, Chief Executive Officer, Strate

Ludwik Sobolewski, Chief Executive Officer, Bucharest Stock Exchange

Mr Ivan Steriev, CEO, Macedonian Stock Exchange

Mr Hannes Takacs, Associate Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Mr Ivan Takev, Executive Director, B.S.E.Sofia

Mr Brian Taylor, Managing Director, B.T.A. Consulting

Mr Thapelo Tsheole, Chief Executive Officer, Botswana Stock Exchange

Mr Thapelo Tsheole at World Exchange Congress 2017

Mr Richard Vegh, Chief Executive Officer, Budapest Stock Exchange

Mr Cees Vermaas, CEO, CME Europe

Javier Aneiva Villegas, Gerente General, Bolsa Boliviana de Valores Sa

Javier Aneiva Villegas at World Exchange Congress 2017

Li Zhengqiang, Chairman, Dalian Commodity Exchange