Agenda at World Exchange Congress




26th February 2018
18:00 WEC opening event 6pm-9pm
DAY 1 – Tuesday 27th February 2018
07:00 Working breakfast
08:00 Registration commences and Morning refreshment served
08:55 Welcome from Conference Director and Introduction to Chairman
Capital Markets: Growth and Globalisation in an Uncertain World
09:00 Official Welcome from the Sultanate of Oman
Senior Representative, Government of Oman
09:10 What are the effects of globalisation on capital market stability?
  • How are exchanges affected by recent global trends that are changing capital markets?
  • How are different regions being affected? What are the outcomes of their responses?
  • What has Brexit taught the global economy? What have we learnt from Europe’s reaction?
  • What is the relevance of regional change to countries across the globe?
Stéphane Boujnah, Chairman and CEO, Euronext
09:40 Address from the Muscat Securities Market
Mr. Ahmed Al Marhoon, Director General, Muscat Securities Market
10:00 Exploring blockchain: Cross-border settlement solutions 
  • Responding to the increasing market need to simplify cross-border settlements
  • Harmonising settlement processes across disparate markets
  • What are the top 5 benefits of investing in cross-border settlement solutions?
  • What are the outcomes if markets implement cross-border settlement?
10:20 Speed Networking & Morning break
Promoting and Nurturing Innovation in your Markets
11:20 Upgrading and downgrading market classification: What are the benefits?
  • Understanding the process markets follow to prepare for an upgrade
  • What institutional investors need to see and to be assured of before moving into a market
  • How index providers rule on market classifications
  • Understanding the impact on liquidity if classification changes
Robert Ansari, Executive Director, MSCI Inc
11:40 Panel: What can be learned from the alternative financing platforms?
  • What products are being offered in other areas of the finance industry that the exchange community could learn from?
  • Which of these products could the exchanges offer?
  • How have alternative finance platforms changed the game?
  • What do the exchanges gain from offering innovative alternative financing products?
Firas Safieddine, Vice Chairman, Capital Markets Authority Lebanon
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12:20 Attracting foreign investors: How can you best open your markets?
  • What do investors need to see before moving into a market?
  • What are the hurdles to attracting foreign investment?
  • Where have exchanges been particularly successful
  • Developing a local market that is efficient for a global customer base
Sunil Benimadhu, CEO, The Stock Exchange of Mauritius
12:40 Networking lunch and exhibition viewing



Market Infrastructure & Industry Change


14:10 Innovative and alternative revenue generation strategies for exchanges

  • Crowdfunding and other ways of raising income
  • How do you build a competitive, alternative business model?
  • Disrupting the business model of the traditional stock exchange
  • What does the future exchange look like? What is on the horizon for exchanges?

Patrick Birley, CEO, NEX Exchange


New Revenues & New Technologies


14:10 Could Blockchain change the backbone of the stock markets?

  • What would market infrastructure look like if blockchain was more relied upon?
  • How much money could be saved by the exchanges?
  • What level of investment is necessary to start using distributed ledgers?
  • What is the impact on risk?

Oivind Amundsen, Executive Vice President, Primary Market and Legal Affairs, Oslo Bors


Clearing & Settlement


14:10 Industry review 2018: How is the clearing industry changing?

  • What impact have new regulations had on the industry?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities on the horizon?
  • How does direct customer access change the game?
  • What are the practical implications of new technology?

Monica Singer, CEO, Strate



14:30 Cooperation panel: How can exchanges make themselves more attractive to investors?

  • What makes an exchange stand out?
  • How do exchanges widen their investor base?
  • What are the best methods to reach new investors?
  • 5 steps to create value in your markets

Rajeeva Bandaranaike, CEO, Colombo Stock Exchange
Khaled AbdulRazzaq AlKhaled, CEO, Boursa Kuwait
Petr Koblic, CEO, Prague Stock Exchange
Goncalo De Vasconcelos, Founder and CEO, SyndicateRoom
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14:30 Panel: Is RegTech the new FinTech? What do you need to know?

  • What is RegTech, and why do we need it?
  • How is regulatory technology helping exchanges understand and manage their risk?
  • Opportunities to introduce new capabilities that are designed to leverage existing systems and data to produce regulatory data
  • Reporting in a cost-effective, flexible and timely manner without taking the risk of replacing or updating legacy systems

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14:30 Panel: The new generation of post-trade technology and capabilities

  • How are clearing houses innovating? What factors are driving it?
  • What solutions can be offered by CCPs that are currently being offered by alternatives?
  • Why it is vital that post trade venues innovate to stay ahead of the game
  • What are the themes coming up in post-trade innovation?

Sergey Putyatinskiy, CIO, National Settlement Depository, Russia
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Nirav Barfiwala, Director of Risk Management, Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation


15:10 How have recent mergers between exchanges and CSDs changed markets? 

  • Encouraging market efficiency by merging CSDs with your exchange
  • Where are the success stories?
  • What are the steps to begin the process of combining?
  • What are the benefits to foreign investors?

Ahmad Aweidah, CEO, The Palestine Exchange


15:10 Artificial Intelligence: The birth of an industry?

  • How can artificial intelligence be used by exchanges?
  • How have other areas of the finance industry successfully implemented AI solutions?
  • Understanding the basics: What can AI do for you?
  • What is the roadmap to using AI?


15:10 Euro Clearing: What is the global impact?

  • What precedent is set if London no longer has the power to clear European trades?
  • How at risk is the market; fragmentation and loss of competition
  • What would it mean for other countries if an ‘outside country’ is no longer clear foreign currency trades? 
  • Where are the opportunities?



15:30 Exchange listed SMEs as investment vehicles

  • Raising money through listed SMEs to invest in non-listed SMEs 
  • Developing a dedicated SME market within your exchange
  • Seeking ways to enhance SMEs entry to finance
  • What are the other components to supporting SME development?

Hannes Takacs, Associate Director, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


15:30 Cyber-attacks: Understanding the risks and strengthening security for exchanges

  • Outlining the need for a better understanding of cyber threats to the world's exchanges on both a strategic and tactical level
  • The need for sharing and refinement of best cyber security practice as it relates to the trading ecosystem
  • The need to help smaller and newer exchanges build up their defences, in order to protect the overall cyber health of the trading ecosystem
  • The need to prepare as an industry for attacks on a global scale


15:30 Improving client experience

  • As digitalisation makes access ever easier for customers, what should CCPs be doing to improve their experience?
  • Where is the influence coming from? Facebook, Google, Amazon etc.
  • Overall increasing tech literacy: How you can keep up
  • What opportunities are presented here?



15:50 Afternoon networking break


Examining global trends
16:30 Roundtable discussions
  • Attracting foreign investment
  • Improving your relationship with customers
  • Attracting new listings
  • Understanding distributed ledger technology
  • The role of post-trade infrastructures in 2018
  • Understanding AI
  • Ministry of Finance roundtable
  • Capital markets authorities’ roundtable
17:30 Announcement regarding the World Exchange Congress 2019
17:40 Evening entertainment – Offsite dinner, hosted by the Muscat Securities Market




DAY 3 – Wednesday 28th February 2018
08:00 Registration continues and morning refreshment served
08:50 Opening remarks from Chairman
Rafael Plata, Secretary General, European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH)
Opportunities in New Markets
09:00 Global integration: Closing the gaps between diverse markets
  • Steps for opening global access to capital markets: What lessons have been learnt from mature markets?
  • Mobilizing liquidity: How to bring diverse markets together
  • What does the integration of diverse markets look like? Evaluating the role of the exchange
  • How do you reconcile regulatory differences in a variety of regions?
09:30 A view from the regulators: FinTech
  • What is the current regulatory standpoint on new financial technology being offered to the market?
  • How do regulators analyse new product offerings? How can they incubate innovative ideas?
  • What are the main roadblocks to new product offerings receiving regulatory approval?
  • How can this process be sped up?
09:50 The trading angle: New opportunities available from exchanges
  • Key issues shaping the development of the trading ecosystem
  • Why market participants choose certain products and how they are trading them
  • How changing business models affect market participants
  • Maintaining a relationship that is fair and lucrative for both parties
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10:10 Morning networking break




Data & Connectivity


11:10 Dealing with the data deluge

  • How to get the best use out of your data
  • What your data can teach you about making your exchange more efficient
  • Data management systems: What works best?
  • Spotting where you could use your data more effectively and make more revenue

Christoph Boschan, CEO, Wiener Börse


Emerging Markets Stream


11:10 ETFs: How can they be a catalyst for emerging markets?

  • The emerging markets are among the cheapest assets around after underperforming developed markets over the past few years
  • ETFs: Emerging markets as a better source of yield after global central bankers expanded their easy money policies
  • Exploring the evolution of ETFs, and predicting the barriers to growth
  • Why should all firms consider implementing an ETF strategy?

Frank Mohr, Head of ETF Sales Training, Commerzbank International S.A.


Clearing & Settlement Board Room


11:10 This session is specifically for CEOs and Heads of Departments of post-trade venues. 
There will be a structure provided for the session, and it is an opportunity for the most senior people in the industry to discuss the key topics and trends which will affect them over the coming 12-18 months
Further details to come in the following weeks



11:30 Sponsorship: Data protection and the new normal- Keeping your data safe

  • Dealing with multiple sources of increasing data whilst maintaining security
  • How do you ensure that you are complying with data protection regulations?
  • What are the best methods of keeping your data safe?


11:30 Sponsorship: Capitalizing on the SME market in growing economies: How best to engage

  • How can smaller exchanges nurture SME growth?
  • What can a large hub of SMEs in a local market do for the economy? And on a global scale?
  • Which markets have seen successes from SME involvement?




11:50 Panel: Making data accessible: Sharing the cloud

  • What are the advantages of sharing data over a cloud with other market participants?
  • Is there a way of reducing the cost to traders of using market data?
  • The migration to cloud: how secure is it?
  • What can we learn from how other industries apply this sort of strategy?

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11:50 Panel: Developments & Innovation in Smaller Exchanges

  • Solutions designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the financial community
  • Optimising delivery of multicast normalised and raw exchange data
  • The fragility of the markets and the dangers of inadequate insight and transparency
  • Real examples of where this technology has benefitted an exchange and its customers

Ivan Takev, Executive Director, B.S.E. Sofia
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12:30 The connectivity requirements of the modern-day exchange

  • What sorts of products are being offered to help exchanges keep ahead of the competition?
  • What are the merits of using third-party connectivity?
  • Low latency connectivity options for firms looking to gain the fastest access to markets
  • What you can do now to prepare for future demand

Taehyun Noh, Director of Global Business, Korea Exchange


12:30 Topic Pending-
Hassan Manik, CEO, Maldives Stock Exchange





12:50 Networking Lunch
Global Trends: The Case Studies
14:00 Market Reflection: Japan
  • A market overview: Japan overall and a focus on Japan Exchange Group
  • What are the latest product innovations in the derivatives space?
  • What is the impact of Market internationalization on market entry?
  • Discussing OTC market development
Keisuke Arai, Chief Representative in Europe, Japan Exchange Group
14:30 Connecting the African markets: What do you need to know?
  • Understanding the complexity of the African continent
  • Why investors must listen to the priorities of the local populations to ensure good investments
  • Understanding the balance between increased product offerings and increased risk mitigation
  • Catalysing further growth and providing integrated markets with small-scale economy
14:50 Completing the Capital Markets Union: Building on the first round of achievements
  • How is the creation of the CMU in Europe designed to boost jobs and the economy in Europe?
  • What could a new EU framework do to encourage simple, transparent and standardised securitisation?
  • How will a unified capital market union help investors?
  • What steps is the European Commission taking to complete the creation of the CMU?
Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange
15:10 North American Exchanges and international growth plans
  • How are some North American exchanges looking to compete with the European markets when attracting new foreign investment?
  • Advancing an exchanges reputation abroad to promote the advantages it can offer
  • Which countries are particularly appealing to North American exchanges?
  • What steps are being taken to raise the profile of the exchange abroad?
15:30 End of the World Exchange Congress
Informal networking drinks until 5pm on the beach







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