Syed Zaferuddin | Deputy QPPV
Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals

Syed Zaferuddin, Deputy QPPV, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals

Syed Zaferuddin is a much known Pharmacovigilance activist in Middle East because of his NGO follow-up reporter involved in collection and reporting of ADR/AE to concern authorities in Middle East. His NGO got a free license from MSSO for MedDRA as a token of love for his efforts in Middle East. He specializes in Pharmacology. He is helping generic Pharma to set up in-house functional Pharmacovigilance unit not only to comply with recent regulation but to enhance reporting culture as well. After getting post-graduation in Pharmacology he moved in imaging trial. After working for multinational like Novartis and Roche he moved to Middle East for Jamjoom Pharma as Deputy QPPV. Apart from his QPPV responsibility he is also serving his responsibility as global trainer in Pharmacovigilance.


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 15:40

Thought processes of middle east pharmacovigilance regulators

  • How to submit ICSF in different regions of the middle east
  • How to submit aggregate reports in different regions of the middle east
  • What are regulators looking for registration and re-registration of products from a pharmacovigilance point of view

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