Quazi Ataher | Senior Director, Epidemiology. Worldwide Safety and Regulatory

Quazi Ataher, Senior Director, Epidemiology. Worldwide Safety and Regulatory, Pfizer

Quazi Ataher is a Senior Director of Epidemiology in Worldwide Safety Strategy at Pfizer. He is the Epidemiology Group Lead for Pfizer Essential Health and Pfizer Consumer Health businesses. He leads a group of epidemiologists responsible for developing and executing pharmacoepidemiology programs to support pharmacovigilance. Additionally he is involved in assessment and utilization of newer quantitative methods of product benefit-risk assessment at Pfize


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 14:20

Quantitative Methods of Benefit-Risk Assessment (MCDA, SMAA): What, Why, How, When, and Who?

  •     What is quantitative benefit-risk assessment (qBRA)? What are the major methods?
  •     Why would we use qBRA in addition to traditional descriptive B-R assessment? 
  •     How do we do these analyses?
  •     When can we utilize these analyses?
  •     Who are using these tools? Who should?

Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 15:20

Structured BR assessments: Industry perspectives on an evolving field

  • The DOING, and the CHALLENGES of structured BR assessments
  • Benefit-Risk Management and impact in the enterprise/outside the enterprise
  • The future of BR assessments

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